Dog biscuits & dog treats

Dog biscuits & dog treats

Dog biscuits and dog treats are a tried and tested aid in dog training and, in addition to praise, play and fun, are the means of choice when it comes to providing the dog with incentives to learn. Find here with us the healthy reward or dietary supplement for your dog.

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Why use dog treats? 

Dog biscuits can be used to boost your dog's motivation during training. Once the dog has learned "special performance also tastes especially good", the dog biscuit quickly becomes a tried and tested reward during training. The right praise is always what makes the dog happy in a situation. If the dog leaves everything behind for dog toys, a ball can be the right reward. For dogs who love to eat, dog biscuits are a good choice.

What to look for in dog biscuits?

If you train your dog and want to give him positive reinforcement by giving him treats, then you should make sure that the dog snacks are healthy. By the way, feeding dog biscuits adds a lot of calories to the normal dog food. To ensure that the positive reinforcement in the form of dog treats does not have a negative side effect, it is even more important that the dog biscuits are low in calories and sugar. Then they are also suitable for daily training sessions.

HUNTER dog biscuits grain-free and without added sugar

Dog biscuits with lots of sugar and ingredients such as flavourings and preservatives are not recommended. For the sake of your dog's health, choose HUNTER dog treats. HUNTER dog treats contain many healthy ingredients such as the unsaturated fatty acids omega 3 or 6 and no artificial flavours or colours. We also have dog treats for puppies and young dogs that are extra rich in vitamins and calcium to support bone growth and strengthen teeth.

With a dog treat or chew from HUNTER, you get your animal friend used to healthy snacks right from the start. You will quickly notice which flavour your dog likes best: whether chicken, turkey, beef or fish - here you will find delicious snacks for all dog breeds. The HUNTER range also includes many dog biscuits and snacks without grain. This is what distinguishes HUNTER dog snacks from commercially available treats. Dogs are carnivores by nature and can only digest grain in small quantities. That's why we offer grain-free dog biscuits.

Dog bones and other chewing articles for dogs

Our range also includes chews in the form of dog bones to help clean teeth and other tasty dog snacks for in-between meals. These include soft and hard dog treats that support the natural chewing instinct of the dogs and taste great to the dogs.

Supplementary food and vitamins for dogs

To make sure your dog wants for nothing, HUNTER also offers healthy supplementary food for dogs. Here in the shop for dog accessories you will find supplementary food for various requirements, for example to support the skin and coat, to strengthen the joints or for an intact immune system.

Barfing your dog: Are supplements necessary?

Supplementary food and an additional supply of minerals or vitamins for dogs can be useful if you barf your dog. The BARF nutrition for dogs consists almost exclusively of meat, offal and bones and cartilage. To provide important nutrients that are not contained in meat and to prevent deficiencies, you can use HUNTER supplements. Whether magnesium, biotin or vitamin B for dogs - you will find the right supplement for different needs.