Dog clothing

Dog Clothing

Did you know that even dogs can freeze? That's why you should equip your pet with a warm and functional dog coat on wet and cold days. We explain when dog clothing such as dog pullovers, dog jackets and the like should be used.

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Thick scarf, hat and a lined winter jacket: we dog owners dress according to the season when we set out for a walk with our fur noses. Your four-legged friend also needs a warming winter coat to brave the cold and wet. You can get special dog clothes suitable for any weather as

  • Dog coat
  • Dog raincoat
  • Dog jackets
  • Dog pullovers

Protective, warm dog clothing also includes:

  • Dog bathrobes
  • Dog scarves and dog towels
  • Dog shoes

Why a dog coat is useful

A dog coat has long been more than just a stylish accessory - for some dog breeds, dog clothing is essential. In some dogs, the undercoat is hormonally controlled to thicken in the cold winter days and naturally keep them warm. However, breeds that were originally bred for warm climates but are now at home in cold climates need support in the winter months as they do not cope as well with colder temperatures. In the cold, their muscles tense up and they start to shiver. With a dog coat or jacket, you can outfit both a small dog like a Chihuahua or Dachshund and a large dog like a greyhound for daily walks in the rain and snow.

These dogs need a dog coat

Whether your dog will freeze outside depends, apart from natural disposition, on factors such as the intensity of movement, the density of the coat and the age of the four-legged friend.

  • Freshly shorn or short-haired dogs and naked dogs such as the Chinese crested dog are particularly sensitive to the cold and wet.
  • But large breeds with thin fur and slender dog breeds also have to struggle with cold temperatures. Dalmatians, Boxers, Greyhounds or a Doberman are therefore often seen wearing a winter coat or a dog mackintosh to protect them from the chill.
  • Small dogs have their bellies closer to the cold ground and therefore cool down faster than large dogs. They need a dog coat or a dog jumper to protect their belly.
  • Older dogs are no longer as active outdoors and cool down more quickly. In a dog coat, they are also protected all around in winter on their leisurely discovery tours.

How dog clothing protects

When it comes to functional dog clothing of all kinds, it is important that dog coats, dog jackets, dog pullovers etc. have the right fit and are adjustable, e.g. with Velcro fasteners. For dog sports, too, a coat should offer freedom of movement, be water-repellent and wind-resistant, protect against chilling and also be reflective in the dark.

  • Dog coat - The right material: The inner coating of the coat has a reflective effect on body heat. Of course, the material should be comfortable and cosy. HUNTER therefore pays special attention to the selection of very high-quality and cosy fabrics such as soft fleece. After all, your pet should not be bothered by the dog clothing and should be warm in it.
  • Dog coat with belly protection: For dogs with sparse belly fur, it is best to choose a dog coat with belly protection that can be adjusted via a Velcro fastener. This all-round protection prevents colds.
  • Dog coat with harness: A dog coat with a zip that offers an opening for the harness underneath is suitable for agile furry noses that prefer to wear a harness and are reluctant to have a collar pulled over their head.
  • Rain coats for dogs: A dog rain coat should be water-repellent and breathable and also protect your furry friend against strong winds.
  • Dog shoes protect against salt and snow: Dog paws are sensitive and are attacked by grit or road salt in winter. Dog shoes are available to protect paws from reddening, slipping or freezing on icy surfaces. With a non-slip sole, your dog's outdoor fun can continue even in winter.
  • Dog protection waistcoats ensure safety in the dark: In our online shop for dog accessories, you can also find dog waistcoats with reflectors so that road users can still see your dog clearly after dusk.

As you can see, clothing for dogs is not just a cute accessory for lapdogs, but a sensible, functional dog accessory for cold days. Equip your four-legged friend for walks in autumn and winter!