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Training collar Round & Soft Elk

Training collar Round & Soft Elk M, black
  • 41555
Design : black
Size : Length max. 45 cm | Diameter 10 mm

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  • 41555

Careful craftsmanship and years of experience with the completely natural and genuine material leather are necessary to create a training collar from the thick, soft elk skins of Scandinavian origin that can always be relied upon. The noble collar must be correctly adjusted once, based on the head and neck circumference of the quadruped, so that the integrated metal ring stops the tightening at the desired point when the dog pulls. For walking, the collar can simply be slipped over the head with a gentle hand movement and connected to the leash. When free running or walking on a loose lead, the ROUND & SOFT ELK training collar flatters the dog's coat almost unnoticed and the round-stitched finish does its bit to ensure that the neck flatterer is hardly noticed. Simple design, reliable function and quality - this inconspicuous jewel is sure to impress from day one. With regular use, the characteristic grain surface of the elk leather darkens somewhat, which underlines the individual, noble character. Inside the collar, which is suitable for everyday use, a continuous nylon core ensures that the ROULD & SOFT ELK training collar keeps its shape and - with proper care - lasts a long time. Note: Our leather is produced as gently as possible. With a dyed leather there may be a slight discolouration.

  • Classic training collar for dogs
  • Stop ring serves as a pull stop and for size adjustment
  • Particularly soft and supple
  • Gentle on fur
  • Dimensionally stable thanks to continuous nylon core
  • Made in Germany
  • particularly soft
  • Made in Germany
  • Uppers: Elk Leather

Measure the circumference of your dog’s neck (A) by placing a flexible tape measure around the middle of the neck. The tape measure should be tight but not restrict your dog. Leave approximately one finger’s breadth between the tape measure and your dog. Because the specifications for adjusting our various collars usually overlap slightly, you do not necessarily have to use the first or last hole to guarantee an optimal fit. Should the circumference of the neck of your dog be at the upper end of the measurements specified then you can alternatively choose the next larger size. This is especially recommended for dogs that are still growing.

Our collar sizes (e.g. size. 30) relate to the total length of the material used without taking the buckle and the fastener into consideration. It should be noted that when considering the range of adjustments the first value relates to the smallest and the second value to the largest adjustment possible.

max. 40 cm
10 mm
max. 45 cm
10 mm
max. 50 cm
10 mm
max. 55 cm
10 mm
max. 60 cm
10 mm

Free shipping costs for orders over 50,-€ (within Germany)