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Harness Dimaro

Harness Dimaro XS-S, black
  • 68200
Design : black
Size : Neck 40 - 45 cm | Chest 40 - 55 cm

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  • 68200

Step in and go! The DIMARO harness inspires dog owners with its minimalist design and excellent fit. The harness is made of fine cow leather, which is soft and robust at the same time. Once the dog has »stepped into the harness«, it fits like a second skin on the dog's torso and does not restrict the freedom of movement in any way. Putting on and taking off the harness is very easy: After opening the light plastic buckle on the top, the harness is laid flat on the ground and the dog climbs in with its front legs. Then DIMARO is pulled up on the left and right of the torso and closed again with a click on the back. For optimal size adjustment, the belly strap can be steplessly adjusted - this is particularly quick and easy thanks to the plastic slider. The movable area between the harness and the two fastening rings ensures that the pull of the leash is distributed over the entire harness, thus relieving the strain on the fastener. The DIMARO harness is ideal for »fidgety« puppies and young dogs, as well as head-shy dogs. With DIMARO, every walk begins as relaxed and harmonious as it ends - in the best case scenario - for man and dog.

  • Robust harness made from a soft leather/nylon material mix
  • Ideal for head-shy dogs
  • Particularly quick and easy to put on
  • Comfortable fit
  • With noble HUNTER embossing on the chest strap
  • 3-fold adjustable
  • Made in Germany
  • Made in Germany
  • Uppers: Cow leather
  • Under material: Cow leather

Using a flexible tape measure, measure the circumference of your dog’s abdomen (B) just behind the front legs at the widest point of the chest. The tape measure should be tight but not restrict your dog. Leave approximately one finger’s breadth between the tape measure and your dog. You can use this measurement and the circumference of the neck (A) to determine the correct harness size. As a rule, all harnesses are adjustable around the abdomen as well as in several other positions, making it possible to adapt the harness optimally to any body shape for ideal comfort.

All harnesses from the HUNTER range are characterised by easy handling, sophisticated details and padding.

Easy Step-In Harness


• Day-to-day

• Virtually unlimited freedom of movement
• No restriction due to belt material between the front legs
• Does not have to be pulled over the head to be put on
• Can be opened single-handedly with a click

• Ideal for small/light dogs
• For head-shy dogs

Adjustment possibilities (neck)
Adjustment possibilities (stomach)
40 - 45 cm
40 - 55 cm
45 - 50 cm
48 - 69 cm
54 - 59 cm
54 - 72 cm
57 - 63 cm
62 - 85 cm
69 - 72 cm
70 - 91 cm

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