Dog leashes

Dog Leash

The daily walks are usually the highlight for your dog. Discover now the large selection of HUNTER dog leashes. No matter if leash, tracking leash or retriever leash - made of leather, nylon, neoprene or rope - we at We love HUNTER have the right dog leash for you and your dog. What you should know about dog leashes, you can find out here.

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Dog leashes by HUNTER

A dog leash is part of the basic equipment of every dog owner. It is important that you have a leash you can rely on so that you can go for a relaxed walk with your dog. Dog leashes from HUNTER are robust, tear-resistant and easy to clean - so nothing stands in the way of long walks. In our shop we have a variety of different models and leash types in the usual high HUNTER quality - so you can quickly find the perfect leash for your pet.

Which dog leash suits my dog?

Dog leashes are not only used to keep your dog close to you, they are also practical training aids and support communication between owner and dog. As your dog grows, you will most likely use different leashes that are adapted to the size and weight of your pet.

Dog leashes for puppies and small dogs

First of all, you have to get your cute new roommate used to the leash. It is best to attach the leash to a dog harness. This will protect the sensitive neck area of your little dog if he pulls on the leash due to his energy and joy. For the first walks, choose a narrow leash that is adjustable in size. This makes it easier to teach your puppy to walk - from close to more freedom to sniff and discover the world. The narrower the leash, the less weight the puppy has to carry on the harness or collar.

Dog leashes for small dogs
These leashes are made of light material and have small rings and carabiners. This means that the petite dog do not have to carry the additional weight of the leash.

Dog leashes for large dogs

For large dogs, you should choose a wide leash made of strong, robust material such as a leather or tear-resistant nylon dog leash, perhaps even with neoprene padding. Especially with heavy breeds, it is important that you can rely 100 percent on the leash and are prepared for any situation. High-quality carabiners ensure that HUNTER leashes are securely attached to the dog's collar or harness.

What types of dog leashes are there?

In our shop you will find many different leashes:

  • Retractable leash: With a retractable leash, your dog gets plenty of room to sniff and romp around. Thanks to the intuitive braking and stopping mechanism of retractable leashes, you always have control over your dog's freedom of movement.

  • Leash: The classic dog leash that every dog owner has at home. The leash for everyday use, which is usually adjustable in length by means of rings or knots. It is available in many different versions and made of different materials and lengths.

  • Retriever leash: Collar and leash in one - the 2-in-1 model among dog leashes. With the retriever leash, the collar is already integrated into the leash and individually adjustable.

  • Drag leash/tracking leash: With a tracking leash you give your dog maximum freedom of movement - also practical for dog training, mantrailing, tracking or hunting.

What should I look for when buying a dog leash?

A short trip into town, a nice Sunday walk across fields, meadows and through the forest or the morning jog - all this can be done perfectly with your dog with the right leash. Depending on the situation and the leash, you can give your dog more or less freedom of movement. In our shop you will find various leash models for sporting activities, going out in style or any everyday situation. Before buying a leash, think about what characteristics it should have:

  • Adjustability: Would you like to be able to spontaneously adjust the length of the dog leash? For example, because you have to go through the busy shopping street at short notice, but then want to go for a walk in the spacious park? Then choose a leash that is adjustable in length. The training leashes from HUNTER can be varied in length up to three times, some of them even individually and continuously by means of a sophisticated knot technique. So you have a short model for the turbulent city centre and longer versions for romping through the meadow.

  • Freedom of movement: To give your dog the maximum freedom of movement and enough space to sniff and discover the world, but not lose control of the dog, retractable leashes, tracking leashes or drag leashes are particularly suitable. This gives your pet plenty of room to move, why the leashes are also used for hunting or dog sports.

  • Material: Leashes must be able to withstand wind and weather. Therefore, trust in robust and easy-care materials. At HUNTER you will find dog leashes made of rope, plastic or polyester that can be easily washed off. You can also find leashes made of leather and artificial leather, including the appropriate care, in our shop.

Jogging with a dog

Jogging not only keeps the dog owner fit - most dogs love it too. Since it is not always possible to let the dog run free, HUNTER offers special dog leashes for jogging. These jogging leashes have a kind of shock absorber at the end that gently cushions a sudden jerk. A benefit for both you and your dog. The leashes are also suitable for cycling and protect the dog and owner from unpleasant jerks and falls.