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Training leash Canadian Up
The adjustable CANADIAN UP training leash is soft as butter and warm in the hands, and even when they need to be free, this gem from the Bielefeld-based HUNTER manufactory is the perfect companion, because the 3-fold adjustability allows...
From €69.99 * *SRP
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Training leash Round & Soft Cody
Adjustable leashes such as the 3-way adjustable CODY Round & Soft leash are effectively all-rounders. They can be adapted to any situation in an instant, no matter how unexpectedly it may occur. A spontaneous walk or a stroll through the...
€105.00 * *SRP
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Training leash Round & Soft Breda
Sustainability is not only trendy, but is also incredibly important. At HUNTER Manufaktur, even the smallest pieces of leather are used and turned into extraordinary products. The BREDA adjustable lead is available as a "Limited Edition"...
€39.00 * *SRP
  • dunkelbraun
Individually adjustable neck leash Aalborg
The infinitely adjustable AALBORG leash is a flexible must-have made of robust cowhide leather that complements the dog's wardrobe. Simple design, unsurpassed leather quality and almost endless application possibilities characterise the...
From €72.99 * *SRP
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Training leash Round & Soft
The ROUND & SOFT adjustable leash offers the typical HUNTER quality that you have come to expect from »Made in Germany« products. This soft leash can be adjusted to the require length in the blink of an eye, so you will always be...
From €79.99 * *SRP
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Training leash Round & Soft Elk Petit
The ROUND & SOFT PETIT three-length adjustable leash has been designed especially for small dogs. It is lightweight and supple, and offers smaller dogs fantastic wearing comfort. Leashes for large dogs can be too heavy for small breeds...
€61.00 * *SRP €87.99 *
  • orange
Training leash Cannes
Adjustable leashes are more versatile than other types of dog leash because they are not only suitable for normal walks, but also for training purposes and sports activities. The three-length adjustable CANNES leash made from nappa...
From €105.00 * *SRP
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Training leash Magic Star
The MAGIC STAR leash is a superhero among leashes: The leash can be adjusted to 3 different lengths and is therefore suitable for any purpose at any time, whether you’re working with your dog or out on a relaxed walk. The MAGIC STAR...
€109.00 * *SRP
  • schwarz
Training leash Sansibar Special
Adjustable leashes are incredibly practical as they can substitute several other dog leashes. Thanks to the three different length options, the SANSIBAR SPECIAL leash can be adapted to any situation – long for walks, short for training...
€57.50 * *SRP €89.90 *
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  • cognac/dunkelbraun
Training leash Tara
Discover TARA - experience the world of dogs. If you are looking for durable and resilient dog accessories for almost any use, you will find them here. The processing of the leather used is based on an old, Russian tanning tradition that...
From €139.00 * *SRP
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Trainning leash Solid Education Duo
The adjustable SOLID EDUCATION DUO leash is comfortable to hold and, thanks to its 3-way adjustability, is suitable for a wide range of situations. When strolling through the city or training your dog to walk at heel, the leash should...
€125.00 * *SRP
  • rot/schwarz
Training leash Love
The LOVE triple adjustable leash is a real gem that expresses your love for your dog on every walk. The practical regulation of the length means it can be used in all situations - short lead when strolling through the city centre, long...
From €94.99 * *SRP
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Leather dog leashes for everyday use

Leather leashes tear-resistant, equally suitable for all dog breeds: While light, narrow or thin leather leashes are suitable for small dogs, it may be a wide leather dog leash for larger dog breeds. And no matter for what purpose - whether the leather dog leash to hang around your dog, ideal for jogging, or a leather leash for the daily walk: leather is an excellent material that proves itself in many situations. We will help you find the right leather leash for your four-legged friend!

What are the advantages of a leather dog leash

Greased leather leashes are on everyone's lips among dog owners, because leather as a material for dog leashes convinces all along the line. A good leather leash is a faithful companion on your walks for many years and therefore particularly sustainable. Leather leashes are considered very safe and almost tear-resistant, if they are regularly maintained, so that the leather can neither become porous nor brittle. The soft, smooth material is ideal for both the fur noses and their owners: it is light and so comfortable for dogs to wear. The holding loop fits comfortably in the hand without cutting in or causing blisters.

Advantages of HUNTER leather dog leashes

✓     durable soft natural material

✓     mostly ecologically produced leather

✓     durable and almost tearproof

✓     high quality due to reinforced seams

✓     adjustable in length

✓     comfortable grip for dog owners

✓     high comfort thanks to rounded edges

✓     wide range of different models

✓     handmade in the Bielefeld leather manufactory

Leather dog leashes: different models for every purpose

You want a leather dog leash, but are unsure which one is suitable for training and which one for everyday use? We introduce you to the different leashes:

  • Leather leash: Most leashes are the ideal companion for everyday life and leisure. Adjustable in length, you can set them flexibly - just as you need it. Some versions of the HUNTER leather dog leashes are adjustable and especially suitable for the education of your furry nose.
  • Show leash: A show leash is your first choice for dog shows, where your pet is the center of attention. A discreet leather leash offers stylish understatement and underlines the advantages of your pedigree dog.
  • Neck leash: A leather dog leash to hang around your dog offers you the advantage of having your hands free as a hands-free leash - for example, as it is particularly pleasant when jogging. Many of these models are also infinitely adjustable and thus particularly flexible to handle.
  • Retriever leash: A leather dog leash with collar offers you a retriever leash, i.e. collar and leash in one product. It is equipped with a pull stop, so the collar will only tighten up to the actual set neck circumference. On the other hand, you can comfortably pull it over your dog's head as soon as he has the opportunity to run free - so you don't risk him getting caught in the bushes.
  • Leather long leash: A leather search or long leash offers your four-legged friend more freedom of movement than conventional leashes with over 3-5 meters - ideal for training your four-legged friend!

Buy a leather dog leash - which is the right one?

With the large selection, the decision is difficult! We have therefore compiled a few decision criteria for the right leather dog leash:

  • Purpose: Simply select the type of leash you're looking for in the filters on this page under "Product type" - this way you'll quickly find the right selection of HUNTER leather leashes, whether for dog sports or for leisurely walks.
  • Length: Depending on the type of leash, the different models offer your pelt nose a movement radius of two to over five meters, so that your four-legged friend can enjoy enough freedom of movement.
  • Width: For small dogs, a light, narrow and rather thin leather leash is recommended. The appropriate leather dog leash for large dogs, on the other hand, should be wider to provide sufficient security. In addition, stronger animals can easily carry slightly heavier leashes.
  • Adjustability: Many leather dog leashes are individually adjustable in length in a few steps or steplessly, so you can use them as a short leash or lead up to a long leash.
  • Compatibility: The leash should also fit the leather collar or leather harness of your quadruped, so that the carabiner hooks securely. By the way, in our online store you will find numerous leather collars and dog leashes that can be ideally combined as a set.

Leather dog leashes in your favorite design

Whether the classic greased leather leash in natural brown, a narrow leather dog leash, round stitched in noble black, or even a braided leather dog leash in bright colors - you have the choice: Which leather dog leash will be your favorite? Some designs offer due to their unique design even a slight shock absorption, should your favorite tend to sudden pulling. Order your favorite models conveniently online and have them delivered directly to your home!

FAQs about the leather dog leashes

Leather leash - what width should I choose for my dog?

The width of the dog leash should be matched to the size and strength of the pet, as well as the purpose of use. To be able to always maintain control with large dogs, a wide leather leash is recommended here. For small dogs, a narrower leather dog leash is sufficient.

How can I clean a leather dog leash?

Dog leashes made of greased leather are actually quite easy to care for. For example, if longer leather leashes occasionally drag across the floor, a soft brush can be used to simply brush off the dry dirt. A leather care oil can help to keep the material permanently smooth.

What leather is used for the dog leashes?

In the Bielefeld leather manufactory, only high-quality leather is processed, most of it ecologically and socially compatible produced - from cowhide to elk leather. The carefully prepared hides are selected, cut, braided and sewn by experienced specialists with many years of experience. HUNTER leather dog leashes, made in Germany, stand for high quality, durability and offer the best for dog and owner.


Free shipping costs for orders over 100,-€.within Europe