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Dog supplies and accessories

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Muzzle Albury
This muzzle represents a real innovation on a number of fronts, with the dog’s comfort and well-being as the top priorities. The muzzle is made from a single piece of plastic, and the use of a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) ensures that...
From €16.49 *
Puppy Starter Kit
»My first HUNTER« – The puppy starter kit is ideal for all new dog owners and is available exclusively from our online store. Our highlight: The first genuine leather training leash for your puppy! The supple 1 m training leash made of...
€19.99 *
Spring box
Spring is here - with the exclusive SPRING BOX you can enjoy it in a special way. Whether for your own sweetheart or friends, for Easter or just in between. Our spring box contains everything your heart desires, from practical little...
€24.90 *
Dog waste bag compostable
The drip-proof dog waste bag by HUNTER is compostable and therefore completely biodegradable. In one package there are 3 rolls of 10 bags each.
€5.49 *
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Identification tube
Quick help finding runaways of all kinds – this practical address tube makes it possible to easily identify lost animals and contact the owner directly, avoiding the effort associated with reading an identification chip and saving the...
From €4.49 *
  • schwarz
Coupling Ecco Sport
The ECCO SPORT coupling allows two dogs to be kept on a leash at the same time. The durable nylon material offers not only safety, but also a high degree of wearing comfort
From €5.49 *
HUNTER Embleme Ranger Professsional
The Ranger Professional harnesses from HUNTER have been specifically designed for displaying numbers or other identifying labels. This is helpful when your dog is taking part in sports events, for example. Even outside such events, you...
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  • rot
The stylish Nicky-Scarf made of cotton is equipped with two sewn-in loops to be able to pull through a collar in the twinkling of an eye. The light and high-quality textile makes the scarf to a great summer accessory. The classic...
€9.49 *
Plastic muzzle
The sturdy muzzle made of plastic not only offers safety to other animals or people, it also prevents the unintentional picking up of things on the floor. The ergonomic shape of the muzzle allows panting. The nylon belt is individually...
From €9.49 *
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Tassel Cannes
The CANNES tassel pendant made from nappa cowhide is an attractive fashion accessory which doubles up as a practical keyring. It helps you find your keys more easily – in the hidden depths of your handbag, for example! Like the other...
€5.00 * €9.99 *
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YUMA press-on buttons for dog collars and leashes – the simple way of personalising your dog kit! HUNTER offers a huge range of leashes, collars, neck straps and harnesses for dogs. You can combine the leashes and collars as you wish to...
From €6.49 *
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Belt pouch with anti-jerk leash Jasper
The JASPER belt bag with an anti-pull leash allows you the freedom you need when you go out jogging with your dog. The belt can be adjusted continuously up to a length of 120 centimetres. The JASPER belt bag offers plenty of space for...
€37.90 *
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