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Dog toy KONG® Extreme Ball

Dog toy KONG® Extreme Ball Ø = 6 cm
  • 62014
Design : black
Size : Diameter 6 cm

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  • 62014

You and your dog will never be bored with the dog toy KONG® Extreme Ball. The elastic material makes the KONG® Extreme Ball bounce unpredictably and excitingly, so your dog really has to watch closely when retrieving. It gets even more exciting when you fill the KONG® Extreme Ball with snacks. The tough and resilient natural rubber that the KONG® Extreme Ball is made of easily resists your dog's bite, and it's also the reason the ball bounces so unpredictably when it lands. Your dog has to think hard to find or even catch the ball! This challenge promotes your dog's mental health, and the movement during play keeps his body healthy. With the KONG® Extreme Ball dog toy, you fulfil two of your dog's needs at the same time: the hunting instinct and the urge to chew. Once your dog has caught the fillable KONG® Extreme Ball, he can have an extensive chewing session with this pleasantly elastic, yet satisfyingly firm ball. Note: Please never leave the pet unattended while playing. No toy is indestructible. To prevent injuries, the toy should be checked regularly for damage or loose parts and replaced if necessary.

  • Robust and hard-wearing
  • Fillable with snacksFor power chewer
  • >
  • Ideal for retrieval
  • can be filled with treats
  • without sound
  • KONG® Company

Free shipping costs for orders over 50,-€ (within Germany)