Puppy collars

Stylish and safe on the go with the high-quality puppy collars from HUNTER. They are comfortable, easy to use and suitable for every little dog. You can also discover the matching puppy leash here!

Dog collars

A dog collar is part of a puppy's basic equipment. It takes calm and patience to get him used to it. But with the right puppy collar and a light lead, it will soon be off on a great discovery tour!

Finding the right collar for a puppy

Whether large dogs or small dogs, all breeds need a lot of protection and attention, especially as puppies. The small dogs' bodies are growing, so great care and caution is required. When choosing the right puppy collar, it is therefore important to pay attention to the following criteria:

  • the right size
  • easy handling and adjustability
  • Soft and robust material
  • simple fastening
  • reflectors for optimal visibility


Tip: If the puppy is particularly active and always on the move, a harness for puppies is a good addition or alternative to the collar.

Determine the right size

The right size of puppy collar can be determined by measuring the circumference of the puppy's neck. To do this, place a flexible measuring tape around the dog's neck. There should be a finger's width of space between them. The information on the size of the collar in the size chart refers to the total length of the material used, but does not include the sliders and fasteners.

Depending on the size of the dog, the collar should not be wider than between 1.0 and 1.5 cm.

Material and handling

The puppy collar should not only look smart, but above all be comfortable and resistant. Here is a selection of materials that have proven themselves and are well suited for puppies:

  • Nylon: A dog collar made of nylon is durable, soft and waterproof. It can withstand any weather.
  • Polyester: This material is soft and tear-resistant. A polyester dog collar is washable and does not lose its shape after drying.
  • Leather: A puppy collar made of leather, for example cowhide or elk leather, is particularly soft, warm and durable. During the production of the collars, great importance is attached to the welfare of the animals and to gentle processing. Thanks to regular care, e.g. with a leather care oil, the collar remains soft and supple for a long time.

Adjustable puppy collar: A good fit right from the start

The collar's adjustability specifications are designed so that an optimal fit does not necessarily mean the widest or tightest setting. If the measured neck circumference is between two values, the larger size should be used, especially as the puppy grows quickly.
Easy handling is important so that putting on and taking off the collar does not become a tedious act for the dog and dog owner. It is therefore worth buying a collar with a simple click closure. This also functions as a safety fastener and can be opened and closed particularly quickly.
The collar should be checked regularly to make sure it fits properly and that the size still fits. A collar that grows with the dog is therefore a good choice. It can be adjusted continuously with the practical plastic sliders.

Safety for the little ones

Reflective collars provide even more safety, making your four-legged friend easy to see in the dark. Puppy collars in red or other bright colours are also easy to see during the day.
HUNTER puppy collars are available in many bright colours - making it difficult to choose. However, they are not only convincing in terms of design, but also with their price, so why not order several puppy collars at once? A reflective collar is great for an evening walk, while a colourful collar is an eye-catcher in daylight.

A puppy collar set, such as breeders need for their litter, can easily be put together yourself from different colours and models. A puppy collar set consisting of a puppy collar and leash can also be easily combined according to your own ideas - have fun browsing!

Getting puppies used to the collar

It is important not to give up if things don't work out immediately. Patience is the order of the day. The right approach to getting the puppy used to its new collar requires a lot of sensitivity. This is how it works:

  • First, the puppy should familiarise itself with the unfamiliar object, inspect the collar calmly and get used to it. Every positive approach should be rewarded with praise and a treat. This way the puppy associates a positive experience with its collar.
  • Treats support and distract when the collar is attached.
  • Next is the leash. The puppy leash should be adjustable in length, tear-resistant and light in weight. The four-legged friend should also get to know this in advance to determine that there is no danger from it.

Equipped with a stylish puppy collar and the right leash, it's time for the next adventure!