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Sport & Training

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Belt bag Hilo Basic
When it comes to giving your dog treats, timing is everything. You have between one and three seconds to reward good behaviour, otherwise the dog is unable to associate the action with the treat. That’s why it’s so important that those...
€12.99 *
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Silicone belt bag Lugo
Belt bags are particularly useful for dog owners. HUNTER has now found a way to make these little helpers even more practical: the LUGO silicon belt bag is self-closing owing to the magnetic catch so that nothing can fall out. The...
€14.99 *
Dog whistle
The BÜFFELHORN dog whistle (made of buffalo horn) from HUNTER is ideal for training and hunting. The double-sided whistle tone (trill & whistle) is suitable for long distances.
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Dummy Trient
Training dummy made from extremely hard-wearing, robust nylon, ideal for training and games, with wrist strap
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Clicker with lanyard and finger loop
Clicker training can be used for all purposes – not only is it suitable for basic dog training, it can also be used for dog sports and a whole range of creative feats and crazy tricks. It is also fun for both the dog and the owner. For...
€7.99 *
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Norwegian harness Ranger
The material of the RANGER Norwegian harness is particularly durable and easy to clean, making it ideal for sports activities with your dog. Reflective elements on the straps increase both your safety and the safety of your dog. The...
From €32.50 *
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Trekking harness 
This trekking harness made of nylon with fleece lining leaves nothing to be desired for the demanding dog. Dogs feel comfortable when they can move freely and unimpeded.
From €32.50 *
Education assistance Trainer Disc
The TRAINER DISC education assistance consists of metal throwing bells and is ideal for preventing unwanted behaviour such as barking and jumping at people.
€5.69 *
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Bicycle & jogging leash
The bicycle & jogging leash is distinguished by its flexibility, and is also safe and easy to use. An elastic lanyard at the end of the leash reduces uncomfortable tugging and pulling on collar and wrist alike. Particularly when cycling,...
€52.50 *
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Belt bag Bugrino Profi
to attach to a belt (with clip and strap), ideal for storing rewards, can be opened and closed easily with the help of a frame lock (metal), with lots of small pockets for your clicker or your mobile phone, tough material, washable, with...
€22.50 *
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Show leash with integrated collar 
With the narrow and light show leash and exhibitions leash from HUNTER you can set your dog in scene without the leash disturbing the view. The simple, discreet and inconspicuous shape such as the soft nylon make the demonstration leash...
€8.29 *
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Trainer Snack Dummy
Thanks to a washable inner coating and an easy-to-open zipper, the Trainer Snack Dummy can be filled with any snack. The dummy is thrown and retrieved by the dog. The special feature: the dog is rewarded directly from the dummy by being...
From €11.99 *
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