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Key fob

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  • vanilla
  • chocolate
Key fob Kelso
Cow leather
€7.79 *
  • rot
Key fob Swiss
The SWISS keyring from HUNTER is a fun accessory, not just for dog owners. The SWISS keyring is a beautiful accessory for all those who like to accompany their pet in matching look, as well as anyone who simply values a quality keyring...
€12.99 *
  • d-braun
  • schwarz
  • cognac
Key fob Sansibar
with Sansibar logo, with keyring
From €6.99 *
  • cognac
  • d-braun
Key fob Cody
If you’ve ever used a product from the CODY range for your cat or dog, you will already be familiar with the elegant design of this series and the premium-quality bison leather from which the products are made. You could also gift...
€19.99 *
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