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Whether you are looking for a present for your dog's birthday, for Christmas or simply a gift for dog owners - find a wealth of original gift ideas for dogs here! Have fun browsing!

Original gifts for dog owners and their pets from HUNTER

The search for the right dog gift is not always easy: whether it's a dog's birthday or Christmas or you're looking for a gift for a dog lover. Especially for people who don't have a dog themselves, it's not always easy to find the right product to make dog people and their faithful companions happy.

We can help you find the right dog gift: Take a look through our selection of gift ideas that we have carefully put together for you!

Our tip for those in a hurry: Need a last-minute gift for a birthday, Christmas or any other occasion? Then a HUNTER gift voucher is your salvation: Simply choose a suitable motif, add a greeting message and select the value of the voucher - and you'll receive the voucher as a PDF!

Gifts for dogs - dog owners can always use them:

Wondering what to get a dog lover for their furry friend, but don't know much about them yourself? Here are our recommendations:

Dog toys: Whether it's an intelligence toy for mental exercise or a tug toy to let off steam - you can never have enough dog toys! If the owners attach great importance to sustainability, the sustainable dog toys made from recycled material are the right choice from our range.

Treats: Dog treats are a great gift: These are available in a wide range of varieties and at an affordable price. These small, healthy snacks are therefore ideal as a small gift for four-legged gourmets! As a gift set, the food can be combined with a non-slip and robust dog bowl - just the thing for gourmets on four paws!

Equipment for on the go: While poop bags are certainly not among the most attractive dog gifts, foldable bowls or drinking bottles for on the go are ideal for all dog lovers who travel a lot with their four-legged friends. A silicone bowl and a drinking bottle for the rucksack and both again for the car - off you go! No matter where they are, the recipient will always have the essentials with them!
Personalized gifts: If you are looking for an unusual, original dog gift, a personalized collar with the dog's name is a lovingly chosen present.

Gift boxes: In our online store you will find a wide selection of different dog surprise boxes - whether for puppies, for training, wellness items for pampering or simply a tasty selection of snacks for in between meals or as a reward, the choice is yours!

Useful dog accessories for grooming: massage brushes or dog grooming products such as soft brushes help with shedding and are ideal for cozy hours of pampering.

Individual DIY dog gifts: Do you enjoy taking photos? Then pull out your camera and create unforgettable memories as a photographer: Be it pictures of a walk together or romping around at home - dog lovers really appreciate something like this! If you want to make a gift for dogs yourself, our instructions for making a sniffer rug and our recipe for homemade dog cookies are a good idea - we hope you enjoy making and baking them!

Our tip: If you need to find out how big your dog friend's dog is, come up with an excuse to find out the measurements. You can also find the most important measurements in our breed table.
Gifts for puppies and new dog parents

Proud owners of puppies often already have a wide range of equipment at home. However, it is not uncommon for owners to have to test out the different equipment for their little dog to find out whether the cute ball of fur will accept the products. We have put together 5 gift ideas for puppies:

Puppy starter set: the animal starter pack offers everything dog parents need - from a lead to snacks and a bowl - a great surprise for anyone who wants to offer their pets something and discover the world together!

Toys such as chew toys or chew bones are ideal for small, sharp puppy teeth. This provides relief during the change of teeth as well as variety in everyday life.

Healthy snacks: Positive reinforcement and rewards are the be-all and end-all when training a puppy. Learning is much easier with high-quality treats!

Gifts for dog owners: Would you like to make your owner happy yourself? Then take a look at our "For you" category: There you will find key rings or carefully handcrafted cases and bags made of high-quality leather in great colors. The bags produced in our factory in Bielefeld offer enough space for all the equipment that dog lovers need for their puppies in everyday life.