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Orthopedic dog sofa Livingston

Orthopedic dog sofa Livingston M, anthracite
  • 65267
Design: anthracite
Size: Size 80 x 60 cm

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The LIVINGSTON orthopaedic dog sofa was specially developed for older or ill dogs. Animals with... more

The LIVINGSTON orthopaedic dog sofa was specially developed for older or ill dogs. Animals with joint or back complaints will find the comfort that they need with our memory foam upholstery. The possibility to insert absorbent incontinence pads removes the stresses of small mishaps. Old or ill dogs need extra support. Maybe they have problems climbing the stairs, or can’t go on long walks. As a responsible dog owner, you naturally take all of this into consideration. With the LIVINGSTON orthopaedic dog sofa, you can give your dog somewhere comfy to lie down. Your dog can comfortably get in or on the sofa because the front has no border. The memory foam filling in the LIVINGSTON orthopaedic dog sofa supports backs and joints well, and is very comfortable. The LIVINGSTON orthopaedic dog sofa is also primed for small “puddles”: You can insert an absorbent incontinence pad into a separate, integrated pocket. The cover of the dog sofa is machine washable at 30°C. The filling can be completely removed beforehand for easy washing.

  • optimal für Hunde mit Gelenk- und Rückenproblemen
  • mit Memory-Schaummatte
  • Reißverschlusstasche für saugfähige Einlagen
  • Füllung ist dank Reißverschluss komplett entnehmbar
  • Bezug bei 30°C waschbar
  • with zipper
Dimensions | Interior couch dimensions
  • 80 x 60 cm | 60 x 50 cm
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