3-Day Hike with Freya - Cape Chignecto Hike

Lisa writes:

»This month Freya & I had something very special planned! Together with a friend we hiked for 3 days with backpack and tent - in Cape Chignecto Provincial Park in Nova Scotia. The hike is just over 50 kilometres long; the first day we hike 14 kilometres in pouring rain, first along a stony beach and then through a deep forest. Freya doesn't like it at all, walking for several hours through the rain, soaking wet. After about 6 hours we arrive at our destination for the day, a small campsite. We pitch our small tent in the rain and Freya jumps in in no time. The long hike with some climbs has definitely taken its toll on her, but the next morning we are all ready for the second day. Day 2 is by far the most strenuous. The 18 kilometres are really tough, constantly going up and down a mountain and several times. We also have to cross rivers. For Freya, of course, it's no problem, she can simply walk through the river while I have to hop from stone to stone with my heavy backpack and wet hiking boots. The breathtaking view of the sea from the high cliffs quickly makes us forget the effort. Many breaks are taken and for Freya the cooling off in the rivers on the sunny day is just right. It is not until dark that we arrive at the next campsite. After a good meal, we all fall quickly into bed. We are visibly exhausted from the last two days but the longest day is now ahead of us - 20 kilometres to our starting point from day 1. We walk back through the deep forest. Freya gets lots of treats, she does everything so well. Around 4 pm we reach our car at the starting point. As a reward, we all jump into the sea to cool off. Freya deserves lots of treats. I am so proud of her. It was such a nice experience with her. Next year we definitely want to do the hike with Silvio and Crusoe.«
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