Crusoe's first - short - hike

Lisa writes:

»There are so many beautiful places where we have already been several times with Freya. But going to these places with both dogs now is especially nice. In the meantime, it is - finally - really nice and warm in Nova Scotia. So that we don't overtax Crusoe, we spend many hours by the sea and don't take him for long walks. But we do want to do a short hike on a sunny Tuesday morning. We had already done the Polly's Cove walks a few times with Freya. From the car park, you walk about a kilometre towards the sea. Once there, you can choose your own route on the big stones. We like it here very much; the view of the wide sea is just beautiful. Freya and Crusoe can hop from stone to stone, a real adventure playground for the two of them. We linger a little on the anthracite-coloured stones. We have a picnic with us, of course. But before the midday heat arrives, we walk back to the car - luckily we have had the air conditioning repaired. It is much more comfortable for the dogs - and us - in the car. We spend the rest of the day by the sea. Hopefully the nice weather will last for the next two weeks, because Freya and I have planned a Girls Hiking Trip together with a friend. We will go on a 50-kilometre, 3-day hike with the tent. We are really looking forward to that.«
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