Welcome, Crusoe!

Lisa writes:

»Last month we already announced that there will be a very special travel report for June! In fact, we have been waiting for June 20 for a very long time, because it was finally going to happen: a second Australian Cattle Dog is moving in with us! Since Freya moved in with us in June 2018, it was clear to us that we wanted a second dog. This year it should finally be so far!!! Crusoe is a Red Heeler, so he has a red/orange color. Freya is a Blue Heeler.

Very excited we already drove to Halifax on June 19th and booked a nice hotel in the middle of the city. Crusoe travels by flight from Toronto to Halifax. The next morning the three of us have a leisurely breakfast in town, then we excitedly drive to the airport. At 13.00 o'clock we stand nervously at the airport and see already the small dog box in the office. We quickly sign the papers, then the box with Crusoe is handed over to us. He is very happy and we let him out of the box directly on the nearby meadow. Freya sniffs firmly at him. Welcome to our family, little Crusoe.

In the meantime Crusoe has been living with us for a little over a week and has already settled in wonderfully in our van. For Freya it was unusual at the beginning, but after the first two days she has already taken the 9 weeks young Crusoe into her heart. Of course we already showed Crusoe our favorite beaches. With his paws he even goes into the water already, surely he will become a water rat like Freya. Look forward to many more adventures with Freya and Crusoe in the next monthly reports!«
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