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Springtime - Are you still hairy or are you already shiny?

Springtime - Are you still hairy or are you already shiny?

Step by step to a clean dog

Only with the right coat care your dog will feel comfortable. And not only when your dog is rolling in mud puddles and the earthy soil has spread throughout the dog's coat.
When springtime beckons with warm days, the first loose hairs become noticeable. The warmer it gets, the more annoying hairs come loose. The result - a fully-haired couch and a constantly scratching dog. Time to take the brush in your hand.

But not every dog coat is the same - different hair types require different treatments. And sometimes it is even necessary to bathe the dog thoroughly beforehand.
It's a good thing that the SPA care range from HUNTER offers a solution for almost all hair types.
The care range includes brushes, combs and trimming knives, claw tongs, mildly cleansing shampoos and fragrant care sprays.

Spoilt for choice

If the coat change is imminent, the grooming bars from the SPA series are the right choice. They remove the loose top coat and the unruly undercoat easily and gently. Dandruff and dirt are conveniently removed at the same time. Please make sure that the curry comb is suitable for your dog. The different models are suitable for short and long haired dogs.
To thin out the hair, you will need care brushes with high-quality ceramic or stainless steel blades or practical grooming knives.

For the daily care are rather universal care brushes or a practical care glove. These products are partly also suitable for cats. If you have a particularly long coat, different combs and felt remover knives may be the better choice. The rotating prongs of the combs made of stainless steel gently loosen the knots and let the hair shine again. Uninvited guests, such as fleas or ticks, can be tracked down with the flea and nit comb.

If you don't want to subject your dog to an entire wash cycle, the practical care sprays are suitable for preparatory work. Caring substances penetrate deep into the hair and strengthen and protect the hair. The combability is significantly improved and the coat looks healthier and shinier.

When brushing is not enough

If the coat is very dirty, smells extremely, or scales, it is time for a cleansing bath. For dog breeds that require special coat care, regular bathing is recommended to better care for the coat afterwards. It should be noted that only shampoo is used that is adapted to the special needs of dog hair and skin. The skin of dogs constantly secretes fat through small sebaceous glands. This contains a protective effect and ensures that moisture and dirt are repelled. This natural protective function can easily be damaged by the wrong shampoo. Our recommendation is clearly the dog shampoo SPA by HUNTER - the gentle dog shampoos support the skin and coat of your faithful friend with valuable, caring ingredients and give your dog a pleasant, neutral and gentle scent. The coat remains healthy and strong.

Please note: To avoid damage to the sensitive dog skin and coat, you should only brush or comb your dog in a dry state.

Example: Step by step to a clean dog

Step 1:
Prepare everything: Place dog shampoo, if necessary a care bar with shampoo function within easy reach, have enough towels ready and ideally place an absorbent pad in front of the bathtub/shower. To prevent your dog from slipping and injuring himself, make sure that the surface is non-slip. You can also prevent scratches in the bathtub by using a non-slip mat.

Step 2:
Set the water temperature to a comfortable level for you and your dog. Wet your dog with a gentle jet of water from the paws upwards. Observe your dog and you will quickly notice which temperature is perceived as pleasant. Please leave the head and ears out at first.

Step 3:
Now carefully wash the coat with your hands or with the practical curry comb with shampoo function. Please make sure that no shampoo or water can get into the ears and eyes. This is very uncomfortable for dogs and in the worst case it can cause inflammation. Hold your hand protectively over the eyes and ears and clean the head with your hands only.

Step 4:
Gently rinse the shampoo completely out of your dog's coat. Only when there is no more shampoo residue in the coat can you start to dry off.

Step 5:
It is best to pat the coat dry with an absorbent towel while still in the bathtub/shower: Not too hard, otherwise there is a risk of hair loss.

Then dry the dog outside the bathtub with a towel.

Step 6:
Now your dog can dry in a warm place without draughts: in summer best in the sun, in winter a warm place near the heater must be sufficient. You can also use a hairdryer that is not too hot, but only if your dog knows the noise and finds the blow-dryer pleasant
Depending on the coat structure and the season, the skin and coat are only really dry the next day and should be brushed and groomed only then.

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»Free shipping from 50€ - Due to the current situation, delivery delays may occasionally occur!«

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