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Dog toys

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  • mit Tau
  • mit Handschlaufe
  • Ball
Dog toy Jena
Dogs of all ages enjoy variety and joint activities with »their humans«. Classic rope toys like the dog toy JENA are an indispensable must-have. They delight four-legged friends from puppy legs up to a high age. Made of pleasantly firm...
From €2.99 *
Dog toy Jamuna
Remember practising javelin or shot put in PE during your school days? Let’s see what you’re capable of now! Your dog will be leaping around excitedly and maybe bark a couple of times in anticipation of the ball flying through the air...
€2.99 *
  • Bär
  • Elefant
  • Schwein
  • Hund
Dog toy Faro
The cute little characters in the FARO range are perfect for long evenings of cuddling. The cuddly toys are also great for sensitive dogs, as they don’t contain a squeaker and therefore don’t disturb your pet during its down time. The...
€9.99 *
  • Doppel-Ring
  • Ring
  • Ball
  • Knochen
Dog toy Aqua Avio
The AQUA AVIO dog toy is always easy to spot on the ground or in the water thanks to its eye-catching orange colour. Its special nubs and grooves also help massage your dog’s teeth and gums and make sure everything stays clean and...
From €5.99 *
  • orange/beige
Trainer Snack Dummy Tough Pombas
Some dogs live to play fetch. Others are less inclined to bring objects back what their human companions. But you can teach an old dog new tricks! And once they catch on to playing fetch, the fun never stops. That’s because dogs get an...
€9.99 *
  • Pferd
  • Ente
  • Eule
Dog toy Kolding
KOLDING is a subtle all-rounder toy made of attractive, non-slip materials. It will pique the interest of dogs young and old alike and is particularly appealing thanks to its sewn-in squeaker. The wrap-around edging makes the KOLDING...
€8.99 *
  • beige
  • grau
  • braun
Dog toy Pori
At first glance it’s impossible to see what the cute little PORI creatures are hiding. Soft on the outside, tough on the inside. That’s right – inside these soft and fluffy toys you will find a nice and robust hedgehog ball made from TPR...
From €7.99 *
  • Football
  • Knochen
  • Frosch
  • Ball
  • Pfeil
  • Seelöwe
Dog toy Tough Pombas
The TOUGH POMBAS range certainly lives up to its name thanks to its extra-durable material. And the shapes and characters in the range are tough too. A sewn-in squeaker is an absolute must for any toy if it is to become your dog’s...
From €10.99 *
Dog toy Corby HUNTER
Can you here that crinkling? Don’t worry, it’s only your dog playing. They have probably got hold of CORBY, the cushion-like dog toy made from extra-robust material. Don’t let the elegant form fool you, the CORBY is all about playtime...
€7.99 *
  • orange
  • blau
  • grün
Dog toy Aqua Mindelo
The MINDELO dog toy looks like a colourful snake and will give you and your dog endless hours of play. Thanks to its pair of squeakers in the “rear” and its plastic, non-slip form, MINDELO is perfect for throwing and playing fetch or if...
€14.99 *
  • Giraffe
  • Elefant
  • Wal
Dog toy Eiby
These cute companions from the EIBY range are definitely something special. Manufactured from recycled and upcycled materials, they are sure to please everyone with their special feel and grip, and not just as a dog toy. They are also...
From €12.99 *
  • Knochen rosa
  • Stern rosa
  • Knochen grau
  • Stern grau
Dog toy Salima
Puppies are bundles of energy and never seem to stop running about, but they too need lots of breaks during the day so that they can take in all of the new sights and sounds. The best option is to play with your new four-legged friend at...
€4.99 *

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