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Dog toys

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  • braun
Dog toy Pori
At first glance, you can't tell what the cute PORI characters are made of. Soft shell, hard core. That's right, you haven't read it wrong, because inside the plushy-soft playmates is a pleasantly firm hedgehog ball made of TPR, which you...
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  • mit Handschlaufe
  • Ball
  • mit Tau
Dog toy Jena
Dogs of all ages enjoy variety and joint activities with »their humans«. Classic rope toys like the JENA dog toy are an indispensable must-have. They delight four-legged friends from puppyhood to old age. Made of pleasantly firm cotton...
From €3.49 *
  • orange/beige
Trainer Snack Dummy Tough Pombas
Some dogs live to play fetch. Others are less inclined to bring objects back what their human companions. But you can teach an old dog new tricks! And once they catch on to playing fetch, the fun never stops. That’s because dogs get an...
€9.99 *
Dog toy Jamuna
In school, you used to get good marks if you practised long throwing in gym class and were able to shine. Let's see what you can still do today! Your dog will jump around joyfully, maybe bark and can hardly wait for the ball to finally...
€3.49 *
  • Elefant
  • Giraffe
  • Wal
Dog toy Eiby
These cute companions from the EIBY series are definitely something special. Made from recycled and upcycled materials, they delight with their special feel and grip, not only as dog toys. They also help to protect the environment....
From €13.99 *
  • Ente
  • Pferd
  • Eule
Dog toy Kolding
KOLDING is a discreetly coloured all-rounder toy made from an attractive, non-slip mix of materials. Interesting to play with for dogs of all ages and particularly attractive thanks to the sewn-in squeaker. Thanks to the all-round...
€9.99 *
  • Hund
  • Elefant
  • Bär
  • Schwein
Dog toy Faro
Cuddle and cuddle extensively with the friendly characters of the FARO series. The cuddly toys are also ideal for sensitive dogs, because no squeaker disturbs the relaxed resting phase of your pet. And the best comes at the end: FARO is...
€11.99 *
  • Stern grau
  • Stern rosa
  • Knochen rosa
  • Knochen grau
Dog toy Salima
Puppies are full of energy and can hardly be stopped, but they also need many short breaks throughout the day to process all the new impressions and experiences. Therefore, it is ideal to play with the new roommate at home, also to...
€5.99 *
  • Delfin
  • Tintenfisch
  • Walross
Cooling dog toy Alaska
The ALASKA dog toy absolutely lives up to its name. Hardly any toy can offer a more pleasant freshness kick in summer temperatures. The cooling effect is easy to achieve: ALASKA is held under the tap or dipped into fresh, cool water....
€8.99 *
  • Knochen
  • Ring
  • Doppel-Ring
  • Ball
Dog toy Aqua Avio
The AQUA AVIO dog toy is always easy to see on land and in the water thanks to its eye-catching orange colour, gently massages the gums thanks to special nubs and grooves and helps to keep your charge's teeth healthy. The TPR material...
From €6.99 *
  • blau/grau
Dog toy Sansibar Morsum Frisbee
The innovative Frisbee SANSIBAR MORSUM whistles clearly audible like otherwise only the rough wind on the beach of the Sylt cult restaurant. The animating whistling sound is produced exclusively during flight when air blows through the...
€16.99 *
Dog toy Corby HUNTER
Do you hear it crackling? Don't worry, your four-legged friend is just playing. With CORBY, the cushion-like dog toy made of particularly robust material. Don't be fooled by the simple shape, CORBY is more fun than you think. The...
€9.99 *
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