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For Cats

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  • Spatz
  • Eule
Cat toy Elroy
Cats love to hunt and play for their lives and this until old age. Cat toys provide variety and can satisfy the natural hunting instinct. The cat toy ELROY offers an employment opportunity. The integrated catnip can provide even more fun...
€3.00 * €4.99 *
  • rosa
Silicone bowl Feeding Control Lian
A too fast eating behaviour can have unhealthy effects on the cat. The "walls" in the LIAN FEEDING CONTROL silicone bowl mean that the cat must carefully manoeuvre its food out of the coils before it can eat it. This slows down the speed...
€8.00 * €13.99 *
  • violett
  • orange
  • rot
Cat collar Vigo
Sleek design, high safety – that is the cat collar VIGO. The soft artificial leather softly cradles the animal’s neck, ensuring high comfort. The safety click opens in every direction when there is a strong pull, so that the cat does not...
€3.00 * €3.99 *
  • weiß
  • schwarz
Cat toy Melamin Cat Scratcher
Scratch and play in one! The MELAMIN CAT SCRATCHER cat toy provides a long lasting and varied activity. The rubberized attachments on the underside of the Scratcher guarantee a safe, non-slip stand.
€5.00 * €19.99 *
  • Käfer
  • Schmetterling
  • Eule
  • Maus
Cat toy Kerikeri
Everyone knows that cats are extremely curious. And if they are surrounded by strange, fluttering and nimble creatures that stare at them with big eyes, all while looking as if they were plucked right from the night sky, it may just...
€3.00 * €4.49 *
Cat toy Catnip Roll
The cat toy CATNIP ROLL provides active play fun. The particularly soft stripe, modelled on a shoelace, is filled with 100% North American premium catnip.
€2.00 * €4.99 *
  • anthrazit
Cat basket Graz
The cat basket GRAZ boasts a robust combination of rustic charm, exquisite design and versatility: Attention to detail can be seen throughout the design of this extraordinary cat accessory, from the chunky rope frame and the eye-catching...
€35.00 * €69.90 *
  • cognac
  • chili
  • schwarz
Cat collar Elk
Quality is always the right choice. This applies to cat collars as well, and that is why ELK cat collars made of elk leather are an absolute highlight. The Scandinavian elk leather is popular among leather connoisseurs, as it unbeatably...
€8.30 * €13.49 *
  • schwarz
  • himbeer
  • beige
  • türkis
  • rot
Cat collar Softie
The cat collar SOFTIE convinces with soft artificial leather. The supple artificial leather makes SOFTIE collars extremely comfortable to wear and ensures that they are readily accepted by your cat. The collar design is strikingly plain...
€9.49 *
  • dunkelblau
Cat and dog bed Ballina
Even at first glance, the BALLINA cat and dog bed is completely different from other dog and cat sofas. The tall, rounded shape, the stitched cover and the integrated cuddly blanket make the BALLINA bed a comfortable safe haven for...
€50.00 * €99.90 *
  • braun
Dog and cat igloo
HUNTER presents the IGLOO: a quiet, cosy snuggle spot for small dogs, puppies and cats who prefer a covered space to rest. Its high interior edge and cave-like design provide protection and warmth, helping the four-legged friend to truly...
€62.50 *
  • Säckchen
Cat toy Smart Feather
Cat toys provide variety and can satisfy the natural hunting instinct. The cat toy SMART FEATHER offers an employment opportunity. Due to its small size and low weight, the toy can be chased around by eager paws. The real feather and the...
€3.00 * €7.49 *
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