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Dog toy Canvas
Your dog longs for a robust companion to play and cuddle with? Then the CANVAS collection with a large selection of very different characters is the best choice! Each of the toys has a sewn-in squeaker, which, along with the innovatively...
From €13.49 *
  • rot
Dummy Trient
Leaving the house without a dummy? Hardly imaginable! The TRIENT dummy enriches daily walks like no other training object. Thanks to its slim shape and light weight, the dummy can always be with you. Once your dog has learned how to...
From €10.49 *
  • Triangel
  • Ring
Dog toy Jasny
Unusual shape, versatile play fun! Throwing, picking up and retrieving is easy for humans and dogs thanks to the particularly grippy surface of the JASNY dog toy. On land, the toy stands out even in mud puddles and on leaf-covered forest...
From €6.00 * €8.99 *
  • Rund
Dog toy Darling
Everybody's DARLING looks simply scrumptious! The softly filled dog toy stands out thanks to the pretty red and white check pattern and the bright red heart patch. Whether as a toy or a cuddly cushion to rest your dog's head on - DARLING...
€4.50 * €14.99 *
  • grau/orange
Dog toy Frisbee Kaluga
The next generation of Frisbees for dogs: KALUGA is innovative in many ways and a clear further development of conventional throwing discs. Not only is there an integrated snack container from which you can reward your dog directly for...
€8.00 * €12.99 *
  • Lachs
Dog toy Pelotas
PELOTAS is a dog toy that not only looks tempting, but also smells and tastes delicious: thanks to its flavoured nylon material, the PELOTAS dog toy is a delight for several dog senses. While the teeth enjoy the hard-wearing surface with...
€8.00 * €11.99 *
  • Kegel
  • Boje
Dog toy Tegi
No question: almost all dogs want to play! The extravagantly shaped dog toys in the TEGI series are made of high-quality TPR (thermoplastic rubber) and are therefore buoyant and ideal for somewhat rougher play. With the TEGI dog toy,...
From €5.00 * €8.99 *
Dog toy Tennisball Colour
If you love classic throwing and retrieving toys, the TENNISBALL is the right choice. The material mix of rubber and felt makes it easy to pick up and protects the mouth from injuries. The dog toy is perfect for small to large dogs and...
€5.00 * €8.79 *
  • rot
Dog toy KONG® Dental Stick™
This chewing and retrieving toy is not only fun, it also cares for your dog's teeth. The unique shape of the solid rubber toy makes it perfect for throwing and retrieving, but also for popular tug-of-war games. The bonus: While your dog...
From €10.55 *
  • rot
Dog toy Nieby
NIEBY dog toy - the app for the modern dog. The latex material used is pleasantly soft and reacts even to gentle nudging by the dog. And don't worry, NIEBY is also ideal for rented flats because a squeaker is deliberately not used -...
€2.00 * €6.49 *
  • gelb
Dog toy KONG® AirDog® Squeaker Dumbbell
Dogs love tennis balls because they are easy to throw (by humans) and retrieve (by dogs). With the KONG® AirDog® Squeaker Dumbbell, the tennis ball as a dog toy has been expanded even further and additionally equipped with a squeaker....
From €6.95 *
  • Salamander
  • Krebs
  • Schnabeltier
  • Esel
  • Alligator
Dog toy Tough Brisbane
What's crawling and scuttling there? Frog, platypus & co. are begging for attention. But don't worry, no one will leap away in a high arc when a curious furry nose approaches, nor will a particularly exotic mammal extend its poisonous...
From €11.49 *
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