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Norwegian harness Racing

Norwegian harness Racing S-M, red
  • 46364
Design : red/black
Size : Neck circumference 40 cm | Chest 52 - 62 cm | Width 2,5 cm

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  • 46364

Many dog lovers have realised that harnesses like the RACING Norwegian harness distribute the pull of the leash across the dog's torso more effectively than a conventional collar. This relief requires a good fit and increased comfort. In the case of the RACING Norwegian harness this is provided by the adjustable belly straps and the fleece padding around your dog's chest, neck and shoulders. The durable straps made from nylon fabric and fleece padding also make the harness very gentle on fur. The RACING Norwegian harness is ideal for you if you would like to take your dog with you when you go jogging or cycling. With this well-fitting harness your dog can accompany you safely, even when you're on your bike. For additional safety on public highways the RACING Norwegian harness has reflective strips on the straps, which increase both your own and your dog's visilibility in low-light conditions. If the RACING Norwegian harness gets dirty, no problem: You can simply wash the harness.

  • made of high-quality nylon material
  • chest, neck and shoulder areas padded with fleece
  • fur-friendly
  • with reflective stripes and adjustable belly strap
  • especially suitable for jogging and cycling with the dog
  • has reflective elements
  • Uppers: Nylon/Plastic
  • Under material: Nylon/Plastic

Using a flexible tape measure, measure the circumference of your dog’s abdomen (B) just behind the front legs at the widest point of the chest. The tape measure should be tight but not restrict your dog. Leave approximately one finger’s breadth between the tape measure and your dog. You can use this measurement and the circumference of the neck (A) to determine the correct harness size. As a rule, all harnesses are adjustable around the abdomen as well as in several other positions, making it possible to adapt the harness optimally to any body shape for ideal comfort.

All harnesses from the HUNTER range are characterised by easy handling, sophisticated details and padding.

Verstellmöglichkeiten Bauch
32 cm
42 - 53 cm
2,0 cm
40 cm
52 - 62 cm
2,5 cm
46 cm
60 - 75 cm
2,5 cm
52 cm
68 - 90 cm
3,8 cm
58 cm
82 - 105 cm
3,8 cm

Free shipping costs for orders over 50,-€ (within Germany)