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Cat accessories and cat supplies

Our We love HUNTER cat shop offers a large selection of important cat accessories that no cat household should be without. From cosy cat caves and varied cat toys to comfortable cat transport bags, the HUNTER range offers everything needed for high-quality basic equipment for the popular pets.

Which cat accessories do you need?

To ensure that the noiseless cats feel completely at home, every cat owner should know the needs of his cat and provide appropriate cat accessories. The needs differ above all according to the age of the animal, whether it is an outdoor cat or an indoor cat, and according to specific characteristics of the cat, for example whether it has long or short fur: For outdoor cats, the installation of a cat flap may be necessary. Long-haired cats require careful grooming and baby cat accessories include, for example, different toys than cat accessories for large cats that are already fully grown. The size of cat beds or cat brushes also depends on the body size of the cat, which varies according to age and breed. The cat's needs therefore always vary. Basically, however, the following cat articles should be checked for need:

Feeding place for cats:

Cats need a quiet place where they can take their meals in a relaxed manner, e.g. in the kitchen. The following cat accessories are recommended here:

  • Cat bowl: Cat bowls can be filled with both dry and wet food and can also be used as a drinking bowl. An additional base for the bowls is recommended, as it can be wiped off quickly and easily if something is missed while eating.
  • Cat food: Healthy and rich cat food is important to provide the wild four-legged friend with sufficient energy. Outdoor cats usually need more energy than indoor cats, which cat owners should take into account when feeding them.
  • Cat snacks: Cat snacks are a popular aid for familiarising and training cats. Available in a practical resealable bag, the healthy snacks can be easily portioned and transported.
  • Cat grass: A pot of cat grass promotes the digestion of the four-legged friends and also looks pretty.

Retreat possibilities:

Cats are very curious and active and love to romp around. To compensate for this, extended periods of rest are all the more important. At least one quiet, cosy spot for snoozing, sleeping, sunbathing and relaxing should therefore be available in every cat's territory. They especially like elevated observation points where they feel safe and from where they can keep an eye on everything.

  • Cat bed: Cuddly and easy-to-clean cat beds have proven themselves for sleeping, as they provide security and safety thanks to their soft and partly high side walls. Cat beds are available in different shapes and sizes as well as in extravagant designs, so there is something for everyone in the HUNTER range.
  • Cat cave: Cat caves are perfect as a place of retreat, as the cats can crawl into them and are protected all around. Some caves are equipped with useful extras, such as reversible cushions or attached toys - so they are equally suitable for playing and sleeping.

Toys for cats:

Cats love to play, chase and romp around. While outdoor cats can satisfy their hunting instinct in the outdoor environment, indoor cats need enough entertainment. Cat owners should therefore plan enough time for play to keep the stormy house cats busy with exciting toys.

  • Cat toys: Balls, cat teasers, small soft toys or special cat toys with catnip will delight the playful cats. Here you can test to your heart's content which games and toys the cuddly house cat takes to its heart. Special scratching toys also have the pleasant side effect that the cats trim their claws on them. Enough exercise prevents upholstered furniture and wallpaper from having to serve as a substitute.
  • Scratching tree: Scratching trees require some space, but offer climbing opportunities as well as retreat and scratching possibilities.

Cat hygiene and care:

Cats are very clean and spend a lot of time during the day grooming themselves. Cat owners should meet this basic animal need by always ensuring a hygienic environment for the cat and providing the best possible support for grooming and claw care.

  • Cat litter tray and cat litter: Each cat should have its own litter tray. This must be emptied and cleaned regularly and provided with fresh litter.
  • Fur care utensils: For optimal fur and claw care, cat brushes and care accessories such as stripping knives or care gloves are important. Long-haired cats in particular need to be brushed or combed regularly so that the coat does not become matted.

On the way with the cat:

If you have to take your pet to the vet, you want to make the visit as stress-free as possible. HUNTER offers some useful products to make the transport of your four-legged friend as pleasant and safe as possible.

  • Cat transport box: Cat transport boxes or cat bags are the first choice when the animal needs to be transported safely. Soft bags with comfortable and easy-to-clean padding, individually adjustable straps and useful extras such as carabiners for hooking in the cat harness or easy-to-clean pads meet the needs of both animal and human in the best possible way.
  • Cat harness: Cat harnesses, depending on the design consisting of straps around the chest, shoulder and neck as well as a cat leash, are particularly useful for familiarising kittens or when moving house, in order to get the animal used to the new environment.
  • Cat collars: Soft cat collars in modern designs with safety fasteners ensure that the popular pets are recognisable as such even when roaming the neighbourhood. A small bell on the collar also makes the cats audible.

What makes HUNTER cat accessories special?

There is an almost endless choice of cat supplies on the market. If you choose HUNTER cat supplies, you can rely on quality and numerous product advantages:

  • Exclusive cat accessories: Design is HUNTER's top priority, along with outstanding quality and functionality. Modern, stylish cat accessories with unusual patterns, shapes and colours make HUNTER one of the most favourite pet brands. This makes HUNTER products perfect for giving as gifts.
  • Quality: Numerous HUNTER products are made in Germany and are lovingly and carefully manufactured by hand in the Bielefeld family company's factory. Robustly finished seams, durable materials and easy-to-clean products are the hallmarks of HUNTER quality, which has been tried and tested for decades.
  • Material: Robust leather, durable and washable synthetic fibres such as nylon and polyester, stainless steel and scratch-resistant melamine are just some of the high-quality materials HUNTER uses to manufacture its products. All materials are extensively checked and tested before they are used.

Buy cat accessories cheap online

From luxury cat accessories such as noble cat bags to practical double bowls made of easy-care stainless steel - in the We love HUNTER cat shop you can find all HUNTER products online without exception. Thanks to numerous filters, you can quickly find the products that best suit your individual needs. Another advantage: in addition to using common payment methods, it is possible to order cat accessories on invoice in the shop. Furthermore, there are no shipping costs for orders from 30 euros. We love HUNTER is the online shop for cat supplies and cat accessories - have fun browsing, discovering and selecting!

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