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The days are getting shorter, the temperatures are dropping. Time for us humans to swap our summer tops for the warm woolen sweaters. Also our dogs change from summer fur to winter fur to prepare for the cold and wet days. But is that enough? Some dogs seem to be freezing anyway - or does it just seem that way to us?
Outrageous! Tomcat Gismo was simply thrown into cold water and one day he had to share his life with a dog. In the following you can read how he experienced »day X«:
»Are you a cat person or a dog person?« This question is often the first to be asked among animal lovers and ensures that the person opposite is immediately put into the appropriate drawer unconsciously. You surely know this... Cat people like to be among their own kind just as much as dog people. But wait, there is another »species«: Animal lovers who love dogs and cats equally, especially because of their very different nature. And who simply cannot or do not want to choose »one side«. Dog and cat in one household - can this work well?
The so-called dog days, in which the summer really shows what it can do, continue and let two- and four-legged friends sweat a lot. What better time than NOW to process a few ingredients into a delicious dog ice cream and give your darling a wonderfully refreshing treat after a few hours in the freezer.
To get straight to the point: It's hot out there! Here are 5 tips for you and your four-legged friend to get through the summer heat safe and sound.
Master saddler Rolf Trautwein had a vision in 1980 and fulfilled a dream with the sympathetic family business HUNTER - and he was absolutely right! For 40 years HUNTER has been able to inspire two- and four-legged friends all over the world with innovative premium products like no other.
When an old T-shirt becomes a cleaning rag and a broken tyre becomes a doorstop, we like to talk about recycling. From old to new has another name today: Upcycling.
Exercise in the fresh air does you good - especially your dog enjoys the outdoor air to the fullest. Your dog's highlights should include your daily walks. Finally spending time together in the great outdoors. But be careful - if the same routine is used for every day, this will quickly lead to boredom.

It's a good thing that HUNTER not only produces exclusive pet accessories, but also designs stylish companions for your mistress.
Only with the right coat care your dog will feel comfortable. And not only when your dog is rolling in mud puddles and the earthy soil has spread throughout the dog's coat.
With myHUNTER the first official HUNTER app was recently launched. In both the Appstore (for iOS devices) and the Playstore (for Android devices) myHUNTER is available for download in the category »Lifestyle«. The app has already been installed on the smartphone by numerous curious HUNTER fans in the first week and has been used extensively as a companion on the daily dog walks.
Find out what cool features the app offers and how it helps each and every one of you to better meet the individual needs of your dogs.
A guest article by Katja Wellpott and Dana Taake from the dog school »dogtrainPlus«
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»Free shipping from 50€ - Due to the current situation, delivery delays may occasionally occur!«

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