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When an old T-shirt becomes a cleaning rag and a broken tyre becomes a doorstop, we like to talk about recycling. From old to new has another name today: Upcycling.
Exercise in the fresh air does you good - especially your dog enjoys the outdoor air to the fullest. Your dog's highlights should include your daily walks. Finally spending time together in the great outdoors. But be careful - if the same routine is used for every day, this will quickly lead to boredom.

It's a good thing that HUNTER not only produces exclusive pet accessories, but also designs stylish companions for your mistress.
Only with the right coat care your dog will feel comfortable. And not only when your dog is rolling in mud puddles and the earthy soil has spread throughout the dog's coat.
With myHUNTER the first official HUNTER app was recently launched. In both the Appstore (for iOS devices) and the Playstore (for Android devices) myHUNTER is available for download in the category »Lifestyle«. The app has already been installed on the smartphone by numerous curious HUNTER fans in the first week and has been used extensively as a companion on the daily dog walks.
Find out what cool features the app offers and how it helps each and every one of you to better meet the individual needs of your dogs.
A guest article by Katja Wellpott and Dana Taake from the dog school »dogtrainPlus«
Hello darlings,

have you had a chance to browse through the current issue of german DOGS magazine? This time the editorial staff, especially Irish Terrier Max, tested snack toys. One of six »test objects« was the intelligence toy KEM from HUNTER, ...
A guest article by Katja Wellpott and Dana Taake from the dog school »dogtrainPlus«

»What should trick training actually be good for?«

We've been asked that question many times. And I guess we gave a slightly different answer a few years ago than we do now.
Read an interview with the enchanting illustrator Lydia Neuschmelting in today's magazine article. She has the ability to »read« quadrupeds with their characteristic features in seconds and put them down on paper. True keepsakes, hand-drawn.
Good morning, dears,

there is room even in the smallest cabin - therefore I would like to report from my idyllic home office and greet all »fellow inmates« and »lonely, isolated creatures« who are still everyday on their way to their workplaces.
Home office, I thought until a few weeks ago, would be great. I would never have thought that such a project would be so extensive and fast, especially for so many people.
Brand new and exclusively available from us and in the HUNTER-Shop:
Textile mouth and nose masks, manufactured by the HUNTER factory.

This reusable mouthguard made of a two-layer soft cotton-polyester blend fabric can help to reduce the risk of infecting others - such as your parents and grandparents as well as children - and being infected yourself.
The young adventurers and world explorers Lisa and Silvio explore the wonderful Canada together with Australian Cattle Dog bitch Freya.
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»Free shipping from 50€ - Due to the current situation, delivery delays may occasionally occur!«

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