In our puppy guide you will find helpful articles about the arrival of your puppy: from the necessary preparation for the new life with a dog child to puppy training and socialisation to the right puppy food.

House training for puppies

When a puppy moves in, not only does your everyday life change - your living space must also be adapted to the needs and development of the dog. Carpets and small runners in particular are affected by the still untrained…

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The first days and nights with a puppy

Your new little companion is moving in. What do you have to consider during the acclimatization and how do you behave correctly? We explain how you can manage to move into the new environment as well as the first few day…

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Puppy or older dog: advantages and disadvantages

Puppy, young dog or an already adult furry nose - what suits you best? This is not a decision to be made lightly. Here is some food for thought to help you decide.…

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