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The most popular dog beaches in Germany

Ready for a holiday? We show you great dog beaches on the North Sea and Baltic Sea and why a visit with your four-legged friend is worthwhile. Discover now!


Travelling with a dog: Safe journey to your holiday!

Off on holiday! Of course safely and as relaxed as possible for two-legged and four-legged friends. We introduce you to the most popular means of transport for travelling with dogs and give you useful tips for your trip.


Where to take your dog and cat on holiday?

Finally, a holiday in sight! But surfing lessons or pool holidays are best enjoyed without dog and cat? No problem: we'll show you where your four-legged friend can be lovingly cared for during your holiday.


Camping with a dog: How to make your outdoor holiday a success

Summer invites you to go camping - maybe for the first time with your dog? We'll show you what makes dog-friendly campsites, how you can best prepare your camping holiday, what you need & what to look out for.


3-Day Hike with Freya - Cape Chignecto Hike

»This month Freya & I had something very special planned!


Crusoe's first - short - hike

»There are so many beautiful places where we have already been several times with Freya.


Freya & Crusoe - A dream team

»We have been living with our two Australian Cattle Dogs ...


Welcome, Crusoe!

»Last month we already announced that there will be a very special travel report for June! ...


From the sea into deep forests

»When we walk along the sea with Freya in the morning, coffee in hand, and then drive to a trail in the deep forests of Nova Scotia...