Dog training & education

You and your four-legged friend want to become a well-coordinated team? Our articles on dog training and education will help you achieve this: from sporty training units to training your dog to stay alone and varied exercises in trick training, you will find useful tips and advice for a relaxed life together with your happy four-legged friend.

Dog training and education

Walking with dog in the dark: What you should pay attention to

The dark season is here: it is getting a little darker and often more uncomfortable outside with each passing day. Dawn sets in later, dusk in the evening earlier. As dog owners, we still have to walk our dog, of…


Flyball - the sport for ball-crazy dogs

Does your pet grab balls at every opportunity and love to run? Then you should try flyball!


Canicross: Joint sport in nature

Canicross keeps you and your furry friend fit and healthy. Find out what's behind this popular dog sport here!


Mantrailing: Nose work with your dog

With mantrailing as a hobby, your furry friend gets both physical and mental exercise. Find out what's behind this dog sport and which exercise is suitable for outdoors here!


10 dog sports to stay fit

Do you have an active dog and are sporty yourself? Then dog sports together are the "ultimate" for you and your pelt-nose. We present the top 10 dog sports.

learning to retrieve

Time with your dog - learning to retrieve

At home in the living room and in the garden you want variety with fun and games? Today we have the right dog training for you and your furry nose!


My dog eats faeces: What can I do?

Help, my dog has eaten faeces! Why is he doing this and is it dangerous? Find out in this article what the reasons are, how you should react and why a visit to the vet might be useful.


Puppy development: how your dog grows up

We show you which developmental stages your puppy goes through until he is a young dog. Find out how big your darling will become, what he needs, how long he remains a puppy and how the education succeeds.


Puberty in dogs: How to master the puberty phase

Help, my dog is going through puberty! Are commands no longer being obeyed or even ignored and is your pet being rebellious? Find out how he experiences this time and what you can do for a harmonious life together.…