Cat activity

Whether they live indoors or outdoors, curious cats love to play. We'll show you how to keep your cat busy and challenged, whether it's with a scratching board, versatile cat toys or creative DIY ideas.

Time with your pet - 5 tips for relaxation

Treat yourself and your furball to some time out and enjoy pure relaxation together. Not only you will benefit from the relaxing hours, but also your dog or cat will thank you for it.…

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Craft idea: DIY fun board for cats

Today's DIY tip is aimed at all creative cat owners who enjoy handicrafts and crafts: Get ideas for a homemade fun board.…

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Craft idea: DIY cat scratching tree - how it works

Today we have some suggestions how you can build a scratching tree for your house cat yourself. Depending on the design of the scratching furniture, you can create a own little kingdom in your home with just a few materi…

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Craft idea: DIY cat toy - how it works

For the start of your cuddly weekend with your cat, we present a creative highlight for all cat owners: a DIY cat toy that you can make yourself quickly and easily.…

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