Getting a dog

Would you like to have a dog at home? Then you can find out here how to find the right four-legged friend, what you need in terms of initial equipment and how your new family member can settle in well with you.

Hund und Kind: So wird’s ein Dreamteam

Ein Hund stößt zur Familie, die Freude bei den Jüngsten der Familie ist riesig! Welche positiven Auswirkungen ein Hund auf dein Kind hat und wie das künftige Zusammenleben gut funktioniert, erfährst du in diesem Beitrag.…

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Buying a dog: Welfare dog vs. breeder

First of all, congratulations on your decision to offer a new home to a furry little thing! You now not only have a big responsibility, but also a turbulent life full of surprises, with lots of exercise and plenty of cud…

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Which dog is right for me?

Sometimes things turn out differently than you originally think - but dog and owner are bound together for life and a harmonious relationship is a basic prerequisite for both sides for a satisfying life together.…

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Puppy or older dog: advantages and disadvantages

Puppy, young dog or an already adult furry nose - what suits you best? This is not a decision to be made lightly. Here is some food for thought to help you decide.…

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Getting a dog: 10 questions before buying a dog

Take enough time for your decision and let it mature. Ask dog owners in your circle of friends and relatives about the possibility of taking their dog into care for a few days to help you make a practical decision.…

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5 good reasons for having a dog as a pet

There are many good reasons to get a dog. No matter whether you simply want to use your dog as a family dog, a sports dog or a working dog - he will always be a loyal companion.…

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