Dog nutrition

How do I feed my four-legged friend healthily, what nutrients does he need? Which dog food is the right one? How many meals does my dog need? You can find answers to these questions and other topics about healthy and suitable dog food in the following articles.

We got ice cream! - With these 3 (variable) recipes you will make your four-legged friend happy

The so-called dog days, in which the summer really shows what it can do, continue and let two- and four-legged friends sweat a lot. What better time than NOW to process a few ingredients into a delicious dog ice cream an…

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Homemade dog biscuits: Vanessas' favourite recipes for your dog

Hello dear ones, when I am not at the dog training area or looking after a lively litter of Malinois puppies, I bake delicious cookies for my pack. I can make a large quantity of them, I know what's in them, and to be h…

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