Dog care & hygiene

Is grooming your four-legged friend a challenge? Does your dog have sore paws? Are you unsure how to clean your four-legged friend's ears? Here you will find numerous articles with useful tips on the optimal care and hygiene of your four-legged friend.

Hundepflege: Trimmen | HUNTER Magazin

Damit sich dein Liebling wieder rundum wohlfühlt, kannst du sein Fell scheren oder schneiden und trimmen. Wir erklären dir, wie du richtig trimmst und was dabei zu beachten ist.…

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Grooming the dog

As a dog owner, the (fur) tatters fly at least twice a year: When changing fur in spring and autumn, numerous dog owners have their hands full, because hair is everywhere: on the carpet, the sofa, behind doors and under …

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Time with your dog - Dog massage to relax

You wish yourself and your pet time for relaxation and attention? Here come our 6 massage techniques, which not only strengthen the trust between you and your pet and your bond, but also have a positive effect on your do…

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Do dogs need a coat?

Wondering if dog clothing makes sense? Not all dogs are naturally equipped with the perfect winter coat and need warm and dry support in the cold and wet months to avoid freezing. Hypothermia can also make dogs sick and …

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It's summertime! - 5 tips for hot summer days with your four-legged friend

To get straight to the point: It's hot out there! Here are 5 tips for you and your four-legged friend to get through the summer heat safe and sound.…

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Springtime - Are you still hairy or are you already shiny?

Only with the right coat care your dog will feel comfortable. And not only when your dog is rolling in mud puddles and the earthy soil has spread throughout the dog's coat.…

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