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Care & Hygiene Products

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  • schwarz
Dog pants Micropile
for female dogs in heat, easy-care Micro Pile fibre material, with changeable pad
From €2.00 * €7.49 *
  • 10er Pack
  • 6er Pack
Puppy Pads
The PUPPY PADS by HUNTER help puppies get used to house-cleaning. The extremely absorbent and drip-proof PUPPY PADS can be used both in a PUPPY TOILET and as an insert in a dog box. Free use is also possible without any problems thanks...
From €2.49 *
  • weiß
Dental care set of 2 Mikkeli
We humans brush our teeth on a regular basis. Although dogs’ teeth generally do not need such comprehensive maintenance, a little bit of care and attention can do wonders for your four-legged companion’s oral hygiene. It can prevent...
€3.49 *
Sanitary pads for dog pants Micropile
Paper, packet of 24 disposable pads
€2.00 * €4.99 *
Multi-purpose brush »Plucking and combing« Spa
The perfect combination solution for the ultimative coat care - the combination brush SPA »Plucking and combing«. Due to the rotating tines, the comb glides particularly gently through the coat. At the same time it gently and easily...
From €13.49 *
Nail scissors Spa
The biggest advantage of the nail scissors SPA is their small size, which enables extremely high precision when cutting a pet’s claws. This ensures that not only dogs and cats, but also birds and small animals receive ideal care in...
From €11.49 *
Basic Grooming Shampoo Spa
When it comes to the care of four-legged friends, dog owners and cat lovers make no compromises. Because only a well cared for animal is also a satisfied one. And who actually says that washing, grooming and combing must be an annoying...
€5.99 *
Content 0.2 Liter (€29.95 * / 1 Liter)
Grooming brush Spa, self-cleaning
Cleaning follows brushing. Everybody who regularly grooms their pet’s coat knows this. This brush makes it especially convenient to maintain your pet’s hygiene: Simply press the integrated button to remove the collected fur. The...
From €15.49 *
Tick hook O´Tom®
The O’Tom® tick hook was developed by a veterinarian as a tool to safely and painlessly remove ticks. The tick’s body is not being squashed. The set contains two different tick hooks which can be selected depending on the size of the...
€5.99 *
Grooming brush Spa Extra Soft
The extra soft grooming brush SPA Extra Soft is suitable for the care of pets with short, medium or long hair. When used regularly, the soft bristles ensure an optimal distribution of natural oils within the coat. Shiny hair, hygiene and...
€10.49 *
Multi-purpose brush Spa »Brushing and grooming«
The all-rounder dog brush for every coat type: with soft bristles on one side and nickel-plated pins on the other, this brush is suitable for short-haired, medium-length and long-haired dogs. The bristles ensure that oils are distributed...
From €12.99 *
Tooth Care Spray
In its combination of active ingredients, the dental care spray SPA was developed especially for the dental and mouth care of dogs and cats. The easy-to-use spray SPA supports the regular care of the chewing apparatus - after all, it is...
€8.49 *
Content 0.05 Liter (€169.80 * / 1 Liter)
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