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»Sit« and »place« are among the basic commands your dog should be able to master. But our dogs can do so much more. Equipped with HUNTER dog sports and training equipment, you motivate your dog and drive him to peak performance. Find out more about our range for dog sports and training.  

»Sit« and »place« are among the basic commands your dog should be able to master. But our dogs can do so much more. Equipped with HUNTER dog sports and training equipment, you motivate your dog and drive him to peak performance. Find out more about our range for dog sports and training.  

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Muzzle Albury
Finding the ideal muzzle can be a real challenge. To ensure that the dog's well-being is not impaired, perfect wearing comfort and a perfect fit are the top priorities. Ideally, the four-legged wearer will not even notice the muzzle...
From €18.99 * *SRP
Plastic muzzle
A muzzle for dogs is as useful as it is necessary, for example on holiday and for trips on public transport. You can therefore hardly start early enough to get your four-legged friend used to wearing it. A little time and patience are...
From €11.99 * *SRP
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Harness Neopren
The NEOPREN harness is particularly easy to clean and hard-wearing. It is essential that a dog harness fits correctly. So that you can choose the right size for your dog, the NEOPREN harness is available in many different sizes;...
From €41.99 * *SRP
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Norwegian harness Racing
Many dog lovers have realised that harnesses like the RACING Norwegian harness distribute the pull of the leash across the dog's torso more effectively than a conventional collar. This relief requires a good fit and increased comfort. In...
From €34.99 * *SRP
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  • mit Handschlaufe
  • Ball
Dog toy Jena
Dogs of all ages enjoy variety and joint activities with »their humans«. Classic rope toys like the JENA dog toy are an indispensable must-have. They delight four-legged friends from puppyhood to old age. Made of pleasantly firm cotton...
From €3.99 * *SRP
  • orange/schwarz
Trainer Snack Dummy with rope
“Fetch!” you shout and your four-legged friend bounds away to follow your command. Once your dog finds and fetches the toy, they are given a tasty treat straight from the dummy. The dummy can be thrown for miles thanks to the integrated...
€17.99 * *SRP
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Snack bag Hilo Basic
When rewarding dogs, perfect timing is of utmost importance. There are only between one and three seconds to reinforce desired behaviour, so that the dog associates his action and the food reward with each other. It is therefore all the...
€14.99 * *SRP
  • beige
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Silicone snack bag Lugo
It's hard to imagine life with dogs without snack bags. HUNTER has now found a way to make these little helpers even more practical: The silicone snack bag LUGO closes itself again thanks to the magnetic closure so that nothing can fall...
From €14.99 * *SRP
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Trainer Snack Dummy
Learning to retrieve in a playful way - very easy with the TRAINER SNACK DUMMY. Thanks to a washable inner coating and an easy-to-open zipper, the dummy can be filled with reward snacks or food. The dummy is thrown and retrieved by the...
From €14.99 * *SRP
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Tracking leash
This robust Tracking leash is just right for outdoor use, even in wind and weather.
From €9.99 * *SRP
Two-tone whistle Jula
So you want to be able to control your dog in any situation and get him or her to return with just one whistle? It can be done - with the double tone whistle JULA and, of course, with a bit of targeted training. This dog whistle lets you...
€5.99 * *SRP
Education assistance Trainer Disc
The TRAINER DISC education assistance consists of metal throwing bells and is ideal for preventing unwanted behaviour such as barking and jumping at people.
€6.99 * *SRP
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The right dog sports equipment 

The daily walk is always the trend for your dog, but for some dogs it can be a bit more exercise: many dogs love it when they are challenged physically and mentally by their owner. Why not supplement your leisure programme with dog sports? The advantage: your dog not only stays fit, you also promote communication and trust between your dog and you. No matter whether you practice at home, at the dog sports club or at the dog training ground: with the right equipment from HUNTER, training becomes pure pleasure for human and pet. That's why the field of dog sports is constantly growing in popularity: Just try out different dog sports and find out together with your dog which sport suits you best.

What dog sports are there?

Mental work, exercise, coordination, education and, above all, fun: in the field of dog sports, there is something for every dog. The innate instincts of our beloved dogs usually remain intact despite good training. That's why dog sports are the perfect way to challenge your dog. But what disciplines are there in the field of dog sports?

Teamwork during agility training

One of the fastest dog sports is agility - in addition to agility, fitness and endurance, it also requires real teamwork between two and four-legged friends. On a parkour, your dog has to overcome a wide variety of obstacles one after the other, quickly and without mistakes: Hoops, hurdles, stairs, slalom and much more. It is not only the dog's dexterity that is required, but also the communication and relationship between dog and human.

Equipped with a clicker and a belt bag full of treats, you can start training in the best possible way.

Obedience - Obedience and Social Compatibility

Obedience training focuses on precise cooperation between human and pet. With the help of acoustic and visual signals, the dog is shown what to do by its master or mistress: From basic commands such as "sit" or "down" to the specific retrieval of objects. Obedience encourages communication with your dog and challenges your dog's mind. Use a noisy dog training article - it will help you train and keep your dog focused on you.

Fast-paced flyball competition

3, 2, 1 - go! In the flyball competition, two dogs start against each other on a parkour and have to overcome hurdles to get to a ball-throwing machine. Once there, they activate the machine so that a ball flies out, turn around, catch the ball and return to their owner. Dog harnesses help you to quickly re-leash your pet after his run when it gets busy at the start and finish line.

Connected with each other at the Canicross

In canicross, four- and two-legged friends run together through the terrain and are connected with a leash. It is important that the leash is flexible. For example, you can use a jogging leash. Practical are those that you can wear as a belt around your waist, so you have your hands free. Alternatively, you can connect the leash and collar with a shock damper so that your dog is flexibly attached to the leash and a sudden pull is not directly transmitted.

Canicross keeps people and dogs fit and promises lots of fun, as it involves tackling kilometres of uneven cross-country trails.

Equipment for dog training

Are you training your dog to be a companion dog, therapy dog or rescue dog? In our shop you will find many articles to support you in dog training: from training harnesses to dog whistles and belt bags for storing tasty rewards.


Up to 50% discount on snacks 🐕, only until 09.02.2023!