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Dog bed, dog basket, dog cushion or a dog cave? We explain to you which sleeping place is the right one for your dog and what you should pay attention to, so that your dog feels comfortable.  

Dog bed, dog basket, dog cushion or a dog cave? We explain to you which sleeping place is the right one for your dog and what you should pay attention to, so that your dog feels comfortable.  

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Dog blanket Casper
No more shivering! The cozy warm fleece blanket CASPER is perfect for humans and their animal friends to snuggle under together on the sofa in the evening. No matter if used as inlay for dog beds at home, on journeys in a transport box,...
€17.99 * *SRP
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Orthopaedic dog cushion Merida
Restful sleep is important - not only for humans. The orthopedic dog cushion MERIDA is ideal for older dogs as well as those with illnesses of the musculoskeletal system. Even dogs that perform particularly well in sports or puppies that...
From €97.99 * *SRP
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Orthopaedic dog sofa Merida
After an action-packed trip to the forest or a visit to dog school, four-legged friends long straight for a restful nap. The MERIDA orthopaedic dog sofa is ideal for older dogs and those with musculoskeletal disorders. Dogs who are...
From €99.99 * *SRP
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Dog blanket Hooge
As light as a feather, refreshing in the summer and warm and cosy in the winter: The HOOGE dog blanket is suitable for any situation. Thanks to the modern stitching, the filling stays exactly where it’s supposed to be, providing your...
From €27.94 * *SRP €44.90 *
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Dog sofa Prag Easy Clean
Cozy, robust and absolutely easy to clean - the dog sofa PRAG not only looks modern and cozy, it also scores points above all in terms of hygiene. The robust structural fabric is equipped with the special EASY CLEAN technology. Thanks to...
From €82.99 * *SRP
  • blau/braun
Dog blanket Hörnum
The dog blanket HÖRNUM is adorably cuddly and soft. The four-legged darling will love this warming blanket. Whether as an inlay for dog beds at home, in a transport box when traveling or on its own, this dog blanket always fits. If the...
€20.00 * *SRP €31.90 *
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Brush mat for dogs Waterloo
Reliable like a sponge, the WATERLOO brush mat absorbs dirt and moisture. WATERLOO absorbs what sticks to the fur and paws of the quadruped and should not get into the clean flat or car. The soft, thick mat works excellently as a dirt...
From €19.99 * *SRP
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Dog sofa Inari
The well-deserved rest in the INARI dog sofa feels like being on a bed of clouds. Enveloped by an evenly high edge, the delicate colours have an almost calming effect on the four-legged friend, who literally sinks in and snores...
From €89.99 * *SRP
  • braun
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Dog mat Fully
No more slipping - the FULLY dog mat stays exactly where it belongs with the help of the anti-slip underside. Thanks to the top side with cuddly teddy plush and soft padding, the comfortable mat reliably protects against the cold on the...
From €18.99 * *SRP
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Dog blanket Konstanz
The super soft KONSTANZ dog blanket is a versatile trump card for everyday life as a dog owner. If your dog likes to lie on your sofa or armchair, but you’d rather protect your valuable furniture, then this blanket is perfect for...
€52.99 * *SRP
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Dog sofa Livingston
A dog sofa that fits into almost any interior design - The dog sofa LIVINGSTON inspires with its elegant, classic look, a fine textured fabric and subtle, warm colors. A small, color-matching HUNTER embroidery decorates the front in a...
From €135.00 * *SRP
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  • beige
Dog cushion Ribe
There is hardly anything nicer than ending the day together with your four-legged darling on the balcony or terrace. Thanks to the hard-wearing and water-repellent outer material, rough or hard surfaces cannot harm the outdoor cushion...
From €79.99 * *SRP
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Dog beds

Dog bed or dog basket? Find the right place to sleep

If they don't just sneak out to the sofa, the dog bed is usually the number one retreat for our dogs. There, the dogs can snooze in peace after a long walk and daydream every now and then. The selection of sleeping places for dogs in our online shop for dog accessories is large. We show you what you should consider when choosing a place to rest and explain the differences between dog beds, dog baskets and the like.

  • Which product type to choose as a dog basket?
  • What size should the dog bed be?
  • What material are HUNTER dog beds made of?
  • Orthopaedic dog bed: The ideal sleeping place for joint diseases
  • Dog bed: Washable and cuddly at the same time 


Which product type to choose as a dog basket?

With the numerous terms that exist for HUNTER dog beds, dog owners ask themselves: dog basket, dog bed or dog cushion - which sleeping place is suitable for my dog?

Dog bed and dog sofa

The differences between the individual sleeping areas lie, for example, in the height of the lying surface. Flat, upholstered models are more likely to be considered a dog bed, while a higher entrance and higher walls indicate a dog sofa. For older dogs with musculoskeletal disorders, for example, it may make more sense to choose a flat dog bed or dog cushion. Young, agile dogs are not bothered by the small step.

Dog cushion

Dog cushions lack borders. They are smaller than dog sofas and very soft. The advantage here is that dog cushions are easy to transport and the cushion covers can usually be removed and washed in the washing machine thanks to the zip. Dog cushions are a good addition to hard dog baskets and a great option for a second place to lie in the house. In our brand shop we offer a large selection of cosy dog cushions in different colours and designs.

Dog blanket

Our product portfolio also includes dog blankets. A robust dog blanket or dog mat is particularly suitable for taking along on the road, for example for the car box. As a 2-in-1 dog bed, it can serve both on the road in the transport box and when visiting friends as a mobile sleeping place, as well as on holiday as a travel dog bed - a true all-rounder!

Dog basket

A dog basket is usually made of solid materials such as plastic, rattan or wicker. The big advantage: the dog basket is washable, easy to clean and represents an almost indestructible dog bed. Without a dog blanket or dog cushion, however, the dog basket is too hard and uncomfortable. Just as we want a mattress, blanket and pillow in bed, our dogs also enjoy a cosy dog bed that gives them a sense of security and keeps the cold off the floor. A dog basket can be easily upgraded with a matching dog cushion or dog blanket from HUNTER and becomes a fluffy dog bed.

Dog cave

Dogs naturally like to burrow a hole in their blanket and curl up to feel safe. No other relaxation spot conveys this feeling better than a dog cave from HUNTER. Such an anti-stress dog bed is not only cosy, but also has a calming effect, for example on New Year's Eve or when there is a lot of hustle and bustle in the house.

Some dog sleeping areas can be converted from a dog cave into an open lying area and are therefore particularly practical and versatile.

What size should the dog bed be?

The dog bed should be large enough so that the dog can stretch out in it without the head or legs sticking out. As a general rule, it is better to be a little too big than too small. Whether it's a round dog bed, a rectangular or square dog bed or a donut dog bed, it doesn't matter: we stock sleeping areas for large dogs and dog beds for small dogs, from S to XL, in different shapes and sizes.

What material are HUNTER dog beds made of?

As dog lovers, we attach great importance to our dogs lying healthy and sleeping relaxed. That's why we offer the largest selection of robust dog beds from HUNTER in our online range, which are made from previously tested, high-quality and carefully selected materials.

Easy-care, washable dog beds with a removable cover made of polyester, pressure-relieving memory foam mattresses or reversible, fluffy cushions made of plush provide cuddly-soft beds for the dogs and ensure sweet dreams. A non-slip underside with fine rubber studs ensures that nothing can happen even if the dog jumps into the bed.

Orthopaedic dog bed: The ideal sleeping place for joint diseases

HUNTER offers different types of orthopaedic dog beds. But what is an orthopaedic dog bed? Visually, orthopaedic dog beds do not differ from classic dog beds. But the padding is different: Orthopaedic dog beds have a high viscose foam content and serve to relieve pressure when lying down. The materials used provide optimal protection for the dog's joints and provide the best possible relief for the spine. As a health bed, these sleeping areas are particularly suitable for old dogs and for those who suffer from arthrosis or pain of the joint apparatus. A viscoelastic mattress is also the right choice for dogs that are at high risk of suffering a slipped disc. They adapt optimally to the shape of the body, relieve pain and therefore offer a high level of lying comfort. Since warmth is especially pleasant and beneficial for the dog in case of joint diseases, orthopaedic dog beds have a particularly thick padding. Mattresses made of thick memory foam, for example, keep the cold from the floor, and thick surrounds protect against draughts.

Dog bed: Washable and cosy at the same time

A good dog bed should be easy to clean and cosy at the same time. It is quite natural that dog hair, dirt and food remains collect in the dog basket. It is only important that the dog bed is washable or made of materials that can be easily cleaned to prevent odours. HUNTER dog beds are made exclusively from easy-care materials. The inner lining of many dog beds and sofas can be removed with a zip and the covers are easy to clean by hand or machine wash.


Up to 36% discount on selected leather products*, only until 02.04.2023!