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Dog leashes

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Training leash Round & Soft Bega
You get the adjustable ROUND & SOFT BEGA leash by HUNTER as an »Limited Edition« exclusively here in our online shop. The ROUND & SOFT BEAG adjustable leash offers the typical HUNTER quality that you have come to expect from »Made in...
€39.00 *
Short leash Solid Education
Dogs love to move freely and be able to determine where and for how long they want to sniff and stay. Different situations continuously arise, however, that require the dog be kept close and on a leash so that they can walk at heel with...
€19.99 *
Training leash Westie
Cow leather, 3-fold adjustable
€13.47 * €44.90 *
Training leash Manoa
The MANOA 3-way adjustable leash is made out of a sturdy polyester mesh material. This means that the leash is not only flexible, but also washable and therefore very low-maintenance. These practical leashes also make an impressive...
From €11.00 * €18.99 *
Training leash Hella Reflect
The HELLA Reflect adjustable leash is reflective due to the innovative material attached along the length of the leash, which thereby increases both your visibility and that of your dog while out walking at night or in bad weather. The...
From €64.90 *
LED luminescent leash Manoa Glow
Normal collars and leashes are not particularly helpful in complete darkness. Such light conditions call for the MANOA Glow LED leash, the LEDs of which make both you and your dog visible in otherwise pitch black conditions. An in-built...
€34.90 *
Retractable leash KONG® Terrain
Every dog is different. Yet they all have one thing in common: an urge to be active and a desire for adventure. Dog accessories should take these needs into account. With the KONG® Terrain retractable leash, you can give your four-legged...
From €17.95 *
Retractable leash KONG® Explore
Exceptionally active explorers require a lot more space to play in during their daily expeditions. That’s what this dog leash provides. It comes with an XL lead that is 7.5m long, which allows any four-legged adventurer to roam about...
€29.95 *
Retractable leash KONG® Reflect
The KONG® Reflect retractable leash is the ideal dog accessory for particularly lively dogs that are active early in the morning or late in the evening. Reflective accents and vibrant colours ensure that both dog and owner can be seen...
From €21.95 *
Retractable leash KONG® Ultimate
Every walk is different. This is particularly true for owners of large dogs, which generally require an extra-strong leash. The KONG® Ultimate retractable leash was developed with such extreme requirements in mind. It stands up to even...
€29.95 *
Training leash List
Simply connect the D-ring to the snap hook and the walk can begin with North Sea flair. The leash from the LIST collection is not only a real design highlight, but thanks to the brass coated metal components also a robust piece of...
From €39.90 *
Combination leash 6in1 Solid Education
As the name already suggests, the dog accessories in the SOLID EDUCATION series provide a solid foundation for excellent results, especially in training and dog sports. The edges have been rounded, which ensures that the leash feels...
€69.90 *
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