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Most dogs enjoy playing and it is part of the growing up of a dog. In order to do justice to the natural play instinct of both young and adult dogs, HUNTER offers dog toys of all kinds. From puppy toys, intelligent dog toys and Kongs to dog frisbees: with such a large selection of dog toys, there is no chance of boredom. 

Most dogs enjoy playing and it is part of the growing up of a dog. In order to do justice to the natural play instinct of both young and adult dogs, HUNTER offers dog toys of all kinds. From puppy toys, intelligent dog toys and Kongs to dog frisbees: with such a large selection of dog toys, there is no chance of boredom. 

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Dog toy KONG® Squeakair® Balls
Have you ever wondered what the perfect toy would look like from your dog's point of view? KONG® seems to know the answer. Because the extremely popular KONG® Squeakair® Balls combine two highlights at once: Tennis ball and squeaker. An...
From €1.80 *
  • Hummer
  • Hai
Dog toy Canvas Sansibar Rantum
It doesn't do anything, it just wants to play: Even though its teeth look pretty sharp, this predatory fish is a completely tame contemporary. The dog toy made of robust canvas fabric in a jeans look is reinforced by a continuous knotted...
€17.99 *
  • rot
Dog toy Nieby
NIEBY dog toy - the app for the modern dog. The latex material used is pleasantly soft and reacts even to gentle nudging by the dog. And don't worry, NIEBY is also ideal for rented flats because a squeaker is deliberately not used -...
€2.00 * €6.49 *
  • Ball
  • Hase
  • Bär
  • Lama
Dog toy Tirana
A real must-have for anyone who wants to do something good for their four-legged friend. The TIRANA dog toy convinces with its cute, whimsical look and makes the dog's heart beat much faster. Made from recycled and upcycled materials,...
From €8.99 *
  • braun
  • beige
  • grau
Dog toy Pori
At first glance, you can't tell what the cute PORI characters are made of. Soft shell, hard core. That's right, you haven't read it wrong, because inside the plushy-soft playmates is a pleasantly firm hedgehog ball made of TPR, which you...
From €8.99 *
  • orange/beige
Trainer Snack Dummy Tough Pombas
Some dogs live to play fetch. Others are less inclined to bring objects back what their human companions. But you can teach an old dog new tricks! And once they catch on to playing fetch, the fun never stops. That’s because dogs get an...
€9.99 *
  • orange/schwarz
Trainer Snack Dummy with rope
“Fetch!” you shout and your four-legged friend bounds away to follow your command. Once your dog finds and fetches the toy, they are given a tasty treat straight from the dummy. The dummy can be thrown for miles thanks to the integrated...
€14.99 *
  • Ball
  • Ring
Dog toy KONG® Twistz
The ultimate play fun on land and in the water. The KONG® Twistz dog toy encourages long-lasting retrieving fun. The durable material has incredible bounce and satisfies the natural hunting and retrieving instinct. The unique surface...
From €5.49 *
  • Rund
Dog toy Darling
Everybody's DARLING looks simply scrumptious! The softly filled dog toy stands out thanks to the pretty red and white check pattern and the bright red heart patch. Whether as a toy or a cuddly cushion to rest your dog's head on - DARLING...
€4.50 * €14.99 *
Dog toy Jamuna
In school, you used to get good marks if you practised long throwing in gym class and were able to shine. Let's see what you can still do today! Your dog will jump around joyfully, maybe bark and can hardly wait for the ball to finally...
€3.49 *
  • Elefant
  • Giraffe
  • Wal
Dog toy Eiby
These cute companions from the EIBY series are definitely something special. Made from recycled and upcycled materials, they delight with their special feel and grip, not only as dog toys. They also help to protect the environment....
From €13.99 *
  • Truthahn
  • Ente
  • Flamingo
Dog toy KONG® Shakers™ Honkers
With KONG® Shakers™ Honkers, the fun really starts thanks to a structure inside the neck that satisfies the natural chewing instinct while the long, flexible legs encourage shaking and tugging play. The deep squeaky sound and reinforced...
From €9.25 *
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Dog toys by HUNTER 

Apart from sleeping and eating, most young dogs want one thing most of all: to play exuberantly. The longer, the better. But even older dogs can often be encouraged to romp around with the right toys. Of course, play behaviour always depends a little on the breed and the individual character of the dog. Hunting dogs and terriers, for example, are considered particularly playful and are grateful for every new toy.

Why is a dog toy important?

Dogs benefit from dog toys in many ways. For example, regular play keeps them physically fit. Dogs live with us and often spend a large part of the day in the house. As a master, you should make sure that dogs get enough exercise, because otherwise dogs can also become overweight, develop diabetes or arthritis. HUNTER fetch toys such as balls or a dummy are particularly suitable for encouraging exercise. Test whether your dog enjoys them.
Intelligence toys are just right for clever minds. They train the dog's dexterity and fine motor skills. It also challenges your dog and replaces feelings of stress, tension or boredom with fun and balance in no time.

Dog toys against boredom

Even dogs can get bored, especially if they are left alone for a long time. Dog toys to keep them busy, such as snack toys, can help. With skill and perseverance, dogs should try to get hold of treats in these dog toys. These toys are very popular with dogs who love food above all else.

What kind of dog toys does my dog like?

The choice of dog toys is huge. The best way to find out what kind of dog toys your dog likes best is to offer your dog several different kinds of toys. You will quickly realise whether your dog likes toys better that can be chewed on, whether he likes to play together with you and challenge you to a game of tug, or whether your dog loves to play with cuddly toys or water toys. You'll find the right toy for every dog here. Sturdy, larger toys are suitable for large dog breeds such as German shepherds. Dog toys for small dogs may accordingly be somewhat smaller.
Does your dog like to make contact with you while playing and invite you to join in? That's great! Positive experiences through exuberant play strengthen the bond between dog owner and dog and the dog learns social behaviour towards humans. Tug toys or throwing games are suitable for playing together. Many dogs also love dog toys with sounds.

Dog bones: Chew toys for good teeth

Apart from the fun and learning factor, dog toys today are so well developed that they serve the four-legged friend's dental care. The materials do not harm the teeth - on the contrary: the dog toy stimulates salivation, strengthens the jaw and sharpens the teeth.

What to look for when buying dog toys?

What else you should know: Puppies' milk teeth grow until they are three months old. Toys should therefore be made of plush or softer rubber during this time. Between the third and ninth month, young dogs start teething and lose their milk teeth. Just like teething babies, you can offer your dog chew toys during this phase, but you should avoid very hard materials during this time. By the tenth month, the teeth should be fully formed. Hard rubber toys may now be offered. Some dogs will start to weaken their chewing muscles earlier, others later, but on average at the age of seven. Then you should provide your dog with softer toys again.


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