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Care & Hygiene Products

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Tick hook O´Tom®
The O’Tom® tick hook was developed by a veterinarian as a tool to safely and painlessly remove ticks. The tick’s body is not being squashed. The set contains two different tick hooks which can be selected depending on the size of the...
€5.99 *
Plucking brush Spa, self-cleaning
With its extra soft stainless steel pins for gentle fur grooming, this brush is suitable for pets with short, medium-length and long hair. It makes it easier to remove your dog’s dead topcoat and undercoat fur for optimum hygiene. The...
From €13.49 *
Nail scissors Spa
The biggest advantage of the nail scissors SPA is their small size, which enables extremely high precision when cutting a pet’s claws. This ensures that not only dogs and cats, but also birds and small animals receive ideal care in...
From €11.49 *
Grooming brush Spa Extra Soft
The extra soft grooming brush SPA Extra Soft is suitable for the care of pets with short, medium or long hair. When used regularly, the soft bristles ensure an optimal distribution of natural oils within the coat. Shiny hair, hygiene and...
€10.49 *
Multi-purpose brush »Plucking and combing« Spa
The perfect combination solution for the ultimative coat care - the combination brush SPA »Plucking and combing«. Due to the rotating tines, the comb glides particularly gently through the coat. At the same time it gently and easily...
From €13.49 *
Brush Marienkäfer
One brush – many uses. The Ladybird Brush is ideal for removing loose hair, dust and dirt from upholstered furniture, rugs and car seats. It also makes freeing blankets and other textiles of annoying animal hair a breeze. The rubber...
€11.49 *
Care glove Spa
This spa-style care glove makes your dog feel truly pampered during grooming. Simply fill shampoo into the glove through the oval-shaped opening and gently groom your four-legged friend. The soft, flexible rubber pins make freeing fur...
€17.49 *
Flea and nit comb Spa
When it comes to killing fleas and nits, you need effective tools. The flea and nit comb SPA is particularly thorough and frees the pet from all annoying passengers, which is an optimum benefit for hygiene. In addition, with its tines...
From €6.49 *
Curry comb/shampooing function Spa
The curry comb with the special wellness effect. The special threefold massage pins treat your pet to some real pampering during grooming. What is more, the brush can also be filled with shampoo thanks to the twist-off cap in the massage...
€13.49 *
Anti-Itch Spray Spa
The anti-itchy spray SPA with its combination of active ingredients is specially designed for the sensitive and irritated skin of dogs and cats. When not in use, the mild emulsion splits into two phases - a quality feature because no...
€11.49 *
Content 0.2 Liter (€57.45 * / 1 Liter)
Grooming comb/redating teeth Spa
The rotating tines on this SPA comb are particularly special. They allow it to glide gently through medium to long-haired coats and loosen even stubborn knots. At the same time, it prevents the hairs from being pulled out, which is of...
€10.49 *
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Curry-comb for cats KONG® Zoomgroom™
Massage and groom your pet at the same time. The KONG® Zoomgroom removes loose hair and dandruff. Regular grooming reduces the risk of hairball formation. KONG® Zoomgroom also helps to calm stressed or anxious pets, a useful technique...
€8.99 *
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