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Cat toys

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  • grau
  • braun
Cat toy Gori
Cats feel most comfortable in their usual surroundings, but love to be entertained by new and exciting toys. The GORI toy fishing rod will arouse your cat’s natural desire to play and hunt, and thanks to the feathers and the pearls, it...
€4.99 *
  • Vogel
  • Hund
  • Hase
  • Häschen
  • Fisch
  • Spatz
  • Eule
Cat toy Elroy
The ELROY cat toy , you should have absolutely at home. Especially flat cats must always be well occupied, so that they remain in good physical and mental health. It is important that you play a lot with your cat. With the cat toy ELROY...
€4.00 * €4.99 *
Cat toy Catnip Ball
Their small size and light weight make the CATNIP BALL cat toy easy for lively cats to chase them around, while the catnip included in the toy guarantees even more fun and will energize your cat for wild playtime fun. The Plastic ball...
€2.00 * €4.99 *
  • Käfer
  • Schmetterling
  • Eule
  • Maus
Cat toy Kerikeri
Everyone knows that cats are extremely curious. And if they are surrounded by strange, fluttering and nimble creatures that stare at them with big eyes, all while looking as if they were plucked right from the night sky, it may just...
€3.00 * €4.49 *
  • Maus Set 4
  • Maus Set 2
  • Fisch Set 2
  • Ball Set 1
  • Fisch Set 1
  • Ball Set 2
  • Maus Set 1
  • Maus Set 3
Cat toy »by Laura«
Cats are very special creatures. On the one hand, they are playful and cuddly but, on the other hand, they can be unpredictable and wild, and they always approach things with a mind of their own. The line of cat accessories »by Laura« is...
From €5.99 *
  • Maus/gelb
  • Fisch/pink
  • Fisch/gelb
  • Maus/hellblau
Cat toy Mamou
The MAMOU cat toys are attractive in a variety of ways. Their small size and light weight make it easy for lively cats to chase them around, while the catnip included in the toy guarantees even more fun and will energize your cat for...
€5.99 *
Cat toy KONG® Infused™ Tippin Treat
For its INFUSED range, KONG® developed a special process to integrate the motivating smell of catnip into the toys. This little treat dispenser can be filled with snacks that are released when it is moved with the paws or nose. The...
€9.99 *
Cat toy KONG® Kitty
The design of the KONG® KITTY cat toy exploits natural feline curiosity. Simply fill it with a few treats or a couple of drops of catnip to awaken the urge to play and hunt. The particularly light material makes KONG® KITTY a versatile...
€7.00 *
Cat toy KONG® Scratch Apple
Cats love to play. They satisfy their natural urge to hunt by stalking and pouncing on balls, balls of fluff and paper balls. The KONG® SCRATCH APPLE cat toy is a fantastic opportunity for indoor cats in particular to sate their desire...
€7.00 * €8.99 *
Cat toy KONG® Tennis Balls mit Glöckchen
By playing with your cat, you are not only boosting its physical and mental health, you are also strengthening the bond between you the owner and your pet. The KONG® TENNIS BALLS are a fantastic toy which is tailor-made for a cat’s...
€6.49 *
Catnip Spray KONG® Naturals
For extra fun, simply spray your cat toy or scratching tree with CATNIP SPRAY KONG® NATURALS. Older toys can also become interesting for the cat. The popular catnip is harvested at flowering time when its fragrance and colour are at...
€7.05 *
  • Maus
  • Hase
Cat toy KONG® Wubba™ Cat
The KONG® WUBBA™ CAT cat toy made of cuddly plush with catnip has a crinkle tail and a rattle body, which animate to play.
€6.75 *
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