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Travel & Transport

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Carry bag Kansas
The KANSAS carrying bag offers numerous practical functions.
€82.50 *
Carry bag Portland
tough material, washable, access from the top, with shoulder strap, elegant transportation of pets in classic, timeless colours, up to a weight of 8.0 kg
€54.90 *
Carry bag Rügen
Carry bag with maritime look, with dog waste bag pouch, with shoulder strap, with nylon strap and small karabiner to secure the animal, for small dogs, up to a weight of 7.0 kg
€79.90 *
Backpack/Carry bag Detroit
tough material, washable, 3-in-1: can be used as a backpack, practical carry bag and travel bed, with continuously adjustable shoulder and belly straps, with practical outer pockets, up to a weight of 5.0 kg
€79.90 *
Carry bag Sydney
washable transport bag for pets, the lying surface can be expanded significantly by means of a zip for comfortable transportation, with shoulder straps, ideal travel companion, up to a weight of 6.5 kg
€82.50 *
Carry bag Skien
SKIEN carrier bags are just the thing for dog owners who take travelling seriously. The bags, intended for dogs up to 8.0 kg, can be carried in the hand comfortably thanks to the well-padded grip. However, what with a suitcase and a dog...
€105.00 *
Carry bag Perth
The chic carrier bag with medium-length shoulder straps allows you to carry your dog close to your body so that you never lose contact--this is also important for the dog’s sense of safety. For real security, a strap is attached on the...
€57.00 * €72.50 *
Carry bag Barcelona
In your search for a carrier bag for your little dog you need not choose between style and functionality: BARCELONA carrier bag has both! It looks good and is incredibly practical. The bag in contemporary shopping bag style has a wool...
€72.50 *
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