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Cat snacks

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Dietary supplement for cats Immune system paste
Supplementary nutrients for regular pet food, not a food substitute, can improve well-being and boost health
€8.99 *
  • Ente
  • Rind
  • Huhn
  • Pute
Cat reward
High-quality, healthy nutrition is the basis of an active and contented lifestyle – and not just for humans. Cats also need a balanced and tasty diet. If you want to give your four-legged companion a tasty treat between meals every now...
€2.49 *
Salmon oil for cats
SALMON OIL for cats is rich in omega 3 fatty acids, which are very good for your cat’s body and overall health. This easily administered salmon oil boosts your cat’s health and gives its fur a well-groomed shine. Omega 3 fatty acids are...
€10.99 *
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