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No matter whether it's a cuddly cat bed or a cosy donut. At We love HUNTER you will find the complete range of beds from HUNTER for cats. Discover the many products, colours, sizes and designs.

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Cat beds

Cats are true bundles of energy, which makes restful periods of rest all the more important. They spend many hours a day sleeping and resting. The curious, active cats compensate for their action-packed play phases and adventurous discovery tours. A cosy cat bed, positioned in a comfortable retreat, fulfils the velvet paws' need for rest, relaxation and security.

Which cat bed is the most suitable?

Hammocks, exclusive models such as cat beds for the heating or cat beds for the windowsill - cat sleeping areas as an ideal retreat for the pets at home are available in different designs, for example:

  • Cat basket: A classic cat basket consists of a basket and a cat cushion. Wickerwork, rattan or robust materials such as rope can withstand occasional scratching and are very durable.
  • Cat donut: A round cat bed reminiscent of the shape of a donut is characterised by soft, slightly higher side walls. This type of model is ideal for curling up and snuggling in.
  • Cat igloo: Based on the shape of an igloo, such models offer at least one almost completely closed side, so that a feeling of safety and security is created particularly well here. 


Cat bed for outside or inside?

A frequently asked question when choosing a cat bed is whether it can be used outdoors or indoors. Many cat beds are also suitable for outdoors: If an insulating undersurface (for example a coated blanket or tarpaulin or even thin polystyrene or cork) is placed underneath, no cold penetrates from below. Thanks to innovative textiles, some cat beds are water-repellent and therefore suitable for outdoor use. However, the following generally applies to outdoor cat beds: they should be placed in a corner that is protected from wind and rain and is ideally covered. Perhaps there is a place for the cat bed in the garden shed or a warm, cosy sleeping place for outdoor cats can be set up in the carport?

Buy a cat bed: What do you have to consider?

In order to choose the right cat bed, some points should be considered:

  • Washable: Ideally, at least the padded lying surface of the cat bed should be easy to clean. With many cat beds, the cover can be removed with a zip and is therefore easy to wash. With some models, the cushion itself can even be washed. Washing the cover or the cushion at 30 °C in the washing machine is the easiest solution here. If you have a dryer, you can also dry most washable cat beds in it without any problems - so the bed is ready for the next nap in no time.
  • Suitable size: Cat beds should be neither too large nor too small. The ideal size is when the animal can snuggle in comfortably and yet has enough freedom of movement to turn and reposition itself. For small house pets, there are models with a diameter of 40 cm. Adult, large house tigers will be grateful for a diameter of 55 cm.
  • Stability: Cats like to romp around and can also take a running jump into the cat basket. So that a sliding cat bed does not become a danger, the cat cushion should be equipped with a non-slip bottom.
  • Shape: Round, rectangular, oval - as long as the new retreat is cosy and conveys security and safety, the shape is more a question of the future location.
  • Padding: The padding on the bottom should be thick enough so that even large and heavy cats feel snug in it. Many cushions of the HUNTER cat beds can be easily fluffed up and are then nice and puffy again and invite you to snuggle in.
  • Material: The materials used for the cat bed should above all be comfortable. Fluffy, soft fabrics that are also easy to clean, washable and robust are the ideal choice. While some cats find coarse knitwear, wickerwork or rattan particularly exciting to run their claws into, other cats are particularly fond of plush and cosy cat cushions.
  • Quality: The good workmanship of the cat sleeping area is the be-all and end-all so that the four-legged darling can enjoy his new oasis of peace for a long time. The quality of the material should be just as good as the workmanship: especially the seams have to withstand sharp claws from time to time.

When it comes to design, there is almost nothing left to be desired: whether a cat bed in grey, white, beige, pink or black, whether modern patterned or plain - the furnishings of the home can serve as a benchmark. Once the ideal place has been found, the cat bed will quickly become the cat´s new favourite place to sleep. 

Which materials are the cat beds made of?

HUNTER cat beds are made of high-quality materials that are carefully processed by hand. The textiles used, such as polyester or cotton, are easy to clean and can be washed in the washing machine at 30 °C without any problems. Soft and cuddly fabrics such as soft terrycloth or soft velour material, which can be wiped clean easily and has a very noble appearance, make for particularly pleasant dreams. 

A cat bed offers these advantages

Do cats need a cat bed? The answer is: Yes! In contrast to simple blankets or conventional cushions that serve as a sleeping place, special cat beds offer several advantages:

  • Rubberised floor surface: Against slipping and wetness, as protection against dirt and as a cold barrier, the specially coated floor surface serves.
  • Reversible cushion: Many HUNTER cat beds offer a soft, two-coloured reversible cushion as an inlet, so there's no chance of getting bored.
  • Easy to clean: Unlike a conventional woollen blanket, which may only be laboriously washed by hand, cat beds are made of easy-care and washable material.
  • Safety and security: The special shape, the padding and a soft border ensure that the velvet paws feel safe and comfortable all around.
  • Alternatives to bed or sofa: If the pet has its own protected retreat, the owners' bed and sofa are less interesting.

In addition, the HUNTER cat beds require no assembly and are ready for use immediately.