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Identification tube

Identification tube S, orange
  • 91371
Design : orange
Size : Diameter 1,0 cm

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  • 91371

It can happen from one second to the next - the dog gets scared or the hunting instinct gets the better of him and suddenly the faithful companion is simply gone. If this happens in a place where the dog cannot find its way around on its own (for example, on holiday), in the worst case it cannot find its way back home on its own. It is therefore sensible and clever if, in addition to the worldwide readable identification of the four-legged friend with a microchip, a robust address sleeve is attached to the collar or harness. The two-part address sleeve from HUNTER is made of a lightweight aluminum material, is easily visible even when the coat is longer and is opened and closed with a simple screw mechanism. Inside there is an address card on which the dog owner's telephone number can also be noted. Anyone who finds the lost dog can unscrew the lower part of the sleeve in one easy step and contact the concerned owner without any detours. The finder and the dog are spared stress and effort in equal measure, as thanks to the address sleeve it is not necessary to have the microchip read out by a vet.

  • Useful address sleeve for attaching to collar or harness
  • Address card for labelling included
  • Simple screw mechanism
  • Easily visible even on dogs with longer coats
  • High quality, lightweight and safe from moisture thanks to rubber seal
  • Ideal complement to the microchip

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