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Trainer Snack Dummy Tough Pombas

Trainer Snack Dummy Tough Pombas 20 cm
  • 67866
Design : orange/tan
Size : Size 20 cm

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  • 67866

Some dogs live to play fetch. Others are less inclined to bring objects back what their human companions. But you can teach an old dog new tricks! And once they catch on to playing fetch, the fun never stops. That’s because dogs get an instant reward when they retrieve the TOUGH POMBAS dummy. Simply unzip the inner pouch and fill it with treats. Once your four-legged friend has brought the dummy back (and ideally placed into your waiting hands), unzip it again to reveal a tasty prize for a job well done. You can also feed your dog exclusively from the dummy, allowing them to earn their meals and stay both physically and mentally fit.

  • can be filled with snacks
  • perfect for throwing and fetching
  • rewards straight from the dummy
  • washable at 30 °C
      • can be filled with treats
      • washable at 30°C
      • made from particularly durable material

Free shipping costs for orders over 50,-€ (within Germany)