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Dogs in autumn: this is now important

The golden autumn - leaves fall quietly from the trees and the sun puts the landscape in a magical light. It is the optimal time for long walks through the colorful forest and cozy evenings. But it is also a very changeable season. Even though the evenings are already getting dark and a slight chill is spreading, the days are usually still warm. On some days, autumn shows its uncomfortable side. Fog and rain move across the country and here and there it can come to ground frost. Dirty paws and wet fur are the order of the day.

We explain to you what is important in autumn and how you can best prepare yourself and your environment.

Dog clothing - yes or no?

Autumn time is cold time - also for our beloved four-legged friends. In most dogs, the coat regulates the temperature balance. However, if you have a dog with little undercoat, very thin or short fur, you should think about suitable dog clothing. It is also possible that your dog's coat is not yet prepared for cold, wet weather and the immune system reacts particularly sensitively. Especially with older and sick fur noses, the change of coat slows down. Also young dogs freeze faster. Very small dogs can suffer from the cold of the ground. Light dog clothing such as rain jackets, sweaters or transitional jackets can help.

Our tip: If the dog coat is too thick, the dog has no chance to get a sufficient winter coat for the really cold days. Therefore, less is often more. A light raincoat ensures dry fur and can thus maintain the body temperature. In our article "Dog clothing: When dog sweaters and Co make sense" you will learn if your dog needs clothing.

Dirty Dog

Keep home and car clean

In autumn rainy weather, no paw stays dry - to declare war on dirt and moisture, you should be well prepared:

House/ apartment:

  • Dirt mats in front of the door help to suck the first moisture out of the paws. Train your dog to stand on the mat even before the bad weather hits.
  • An absorbent towel should be handy at all times to quickly dry and clean your dog - preferably before he even enters the home.
  • Additional washable blankets or mats in the dog bed protect the resting place from moisture and can be washed quickly if necessary.

Our tip: If your furry friend runs into the hallway too stormy and shakes himself extensively, clean rags and a mop will only help to a limited extent. A washable wall or wallpaper protector in the entrance area is easy to apply or set up and helps keep the apartment clean.


  • The cleanest and safest way to transport dogs in the car is to have a suitable aluminum transport box in the trunk. For additional protection, you can use absorbent blankets or mats as an insert.
  • When transporting on the back seat or in the trunk, without a box, you can fall back on robust and waterproof car protection blankets. These can usually be washed off quickly and can even be cleaned completely if necessary.
hund auf Autoschondecke
  • Dry your dog with an absorbent towel before getting in the car. If you only have a towel available, start with the head, then work on the rest of the coat and finally the paws.

Safe on the road

Visibility can save lives! Remember that you also have to walk in the dark. Rain and fog also limit visibility. Since car drivers and co usually have poorer visibility than pedestrians, you should be especially attentive in traffic. Reflectors should not only be attached to your jacket; dogs in particular are often overlooked due to their size. Even if the dog is on a leash, an unsecured dog can become a danger.

Our tip: Luminous collars and leashes, reflective harnesses, coats and collars help to recognize you better and can thus safe your life. Off the road, flashing lights will help you to be recognized early. What else you should consider when walking in the dark, you can read in the report "Walking with dog in the dark".

Dangers in the forest, meadow and field

1. increased crossing of animals

But not only in road traffic special caution is required. Also in the forest, or between the fields you should now pay particular attention. Due to the earlier twilight and especially due to the time change, there may be more crossing of animals. Deer, hares and Co keep their own sense of time and show up more at "our" walking times. The nose of a dog that likes to hunt can pick up the scent faster in wet weather. Once not paid attention and he disappears in the woods. Neither for the game nor for you a satisfying situation. To avoid this and still offer your pelt nose the great freedom, you can replace your normal leash with a much longer tracking leash.

Hund auf Baumstamm

2. danger of poisoning by forest fruits and mushrooms

For some dogs, pine cones, acorns, chestnuts and other forest fruits are popular chews. Nuts, such as walnuts, or berries and mushrooms are also popular to nibble on - but be careful - larger amounts can be dangerous and lead to digestive problems or poisoning. Injuries in the mouth, esophagus or intestines, as well as intestinal obstructions are also possible if the supposed snack gets stuck in the digestive tract.

Make sure that your dog does not eat wild berries or mushrooms. Rather keep him busy in between with small training sessions or games.

Common symptoms of poisoning may include:

  • Abdominal pain
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Increased salivation
  • Neurological disorders (cramps/ tremors)

If you notice any abnormalities in your dog, you should consult your veterinarian and, if possible, tell him what the dog has eaten. Only in this way can he act correctly in an emergency.

Attention: Autumn time is also time for annoying parasites like autumn grass mites and ticks! Remember the usual precautions for tick protection.

Coat care in autumn

The change of coat does not only take place in spring. In autumn, the coat changes from summer to winter coat. It becomes denser and longer again to be able to insulate the cold perfectly. It comes to increased shedding. Regular brushing and combing removes dead dander and loose fur. Avoid frequent bathing of your dog to maintain the natural protective film of the skin. The skin oil gives the coat the protective film it needs and insulates the sensitive skin from cold and wet conditions.

Do not forget the paws!

The paws should also be checked regularly for foreign bodies, or injuries. To prevent foreign bodies from getting stuck between the pads, you should carefully trim the fur there. Especially with road salt, care must be taken that no residue remains on the paws. The change between very dry heating air and wet-cold weather can lead to cracked paw pads. Here, a paw balm used sparingly can provide relief for your darling.

Our tip: You can find out what is important when caring for your dog and what you should pay attention to in the section "Dog care and hygiene".

Indoor employment opportunities

When the fall storms are gnawing at the front door, it's all the cozier indoors. However, your dog may soon sleep it off and the big boredom hits. He'd rather be outside now romping through piles of leaves and catching leaves. As a dog owner, you can still keep your dog mentally and physically exhausted by playing alternative games and practicing new tricks.

Intelligence and search games
are particularly suitable for this. You can also turn necessity into a virtue and train your dog as a useful household helper. Practicing turning light switches on and off or retrieving newspapers, for example, will keep your dog and you on your toes.

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