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In our dog guide dog lovers will find all the important topics and useful tips on keeping a dog:

Dog guide
Agility training dog

Time with your dog - Agility training

Whether spring, summer, autumn or winter - Agility not only keeps your dog mentally and physically fit, it is also fun and strengthens the bond with your favourite.

feeding game with the dog

Craft idea: DIY feeding game - how it works

Craft idea: DIY food game - this is how it works Here we present you with a craft idea made from toilet paper rolls that is not only fun, but also activates and trains your four-legged friend's brain at the same time.

sniffing carpet

Craft idea: DIY sniffing carpet - how it works

The weather outside is changeable and your desire to go for long walks is limited? Here comes an exciting change for you and your pet, if you prefer to stay indoors: a DIY sniffing carpet.


»Like dog and cat«? - How living together works well

»Are you a cat person or a dog person?« This question is often the first to be asked among animal lovers and ensures that the person opposite is immediately put into the appropriate drawer unconsciously. You surely know…

Dog joyfully waiting for his dog ice cream

We got ice cream! - With these 3 (variable) recipes you will make your four-legged friend happy

The so-called dog days, in which the summer really shows what it can do, continue and let two- and four-legged friends sweat a lot. What better time than NOW to process a few ingredients into a delicious dog ice cream…

Coat care accessories and materials for grooming

Springtime - Are you still hairy or are you already shiny?

Plucking brush and nit comb, de-felting knife, trimming bar or coat care glove: Which articles you need for the optimal coat care of your four-legged friend and why it is so important, you will learn in this article.

Dogtrain Plus Trick Training - Dog operates bell

»Trick Training«: Ringing a bell - a great beginner's trick

This week we'll get down to business and explain a few basics of trick training and the structure of the trick »ringing« in more detail.

Dog toy KEM

Intelligence toy KEM: Sought, found, fed

Hello darlings, have you had a chance to browse through the current issue of german DOGS magazine? This time the editorial staff, especially Irish Terrier Max, tested snack toys. One of six »test objects« was the…

Dogtrain PLUS Trick Training - Dog in the Garden

Activity idea »trick training«

Since the end of 2019, we, Katja Wellpott and Dana Taake, have been running our dog training school dogtrainPlus in Preußisch Oldendorf (North Rhine-Westfalia, Germany), where we offer a colourful mix of individual…